Anti-player programming observations in Gears 5

First of all, this post isn’t a rant or whining, it’s an observation I’ve made playing lots of solo Horde and Escape. I figured the only people still on this board are those who are into the more obscure things about Gears 5, so this is for you.

While playing solo I have had an opportunity to observe a lot of enemy / red-shirt behavior, and I can tell you this game was actively designed to be “anti-player”, and here’s some examples:

  1. During load screens the game occasionally hints to “keep the last enemy alive as long as possible”, so TC knows this is to your advantage as you can use the time to rebuild / build and get taps, but the A.I. are actively programmed to prevent this.

I’ve noticed more times than I can count that red-shirts will actively pursue and kill the last enemy, once you get down to 1 and you start filling taps. I’ve wandered a field with 4 red-shirts who do nothing to the last enemy as long as you aren’t building or getting taps, but then they move to engage and kill, the moment you go to get a energy tap. It’s like clockwork.

Red-shirts will also pursue and kill an enemy if you move to execute it, to stop you from getting the ribbon.

  1. Oddly enough, likewise, I’ve noticed a final downed enemy will move to the nearest barrier to impale itself, but only actively does so when you go to grab a tap, or move to execute it. Numerous times I’ve observed this enemy behavior. Not dead, but the moment I approach to execute, it’ll kill itself on a barrier if one is nearby.

  2. The enemy aim modifiers don’t seem to really matter, nearly every enemy has pinpoint accuracy nearly all the time. If I’m not actively dodging enemy fire, I know I’ll get hit. I’ve seen scions lob insane boom rounds across the entire screen and perfectly hit players on low rounds.

  3. I used to think I was imaging things, but it’s happened so many times I can tell you without a doubt red-shirts are programmed to run in front of salvo fire. Salvo’s specifically it seems so maybe you’ll knock yourself down in the process.

I know there’s more I’ve observed but can’t think of at the moment. This stuff doesn’t just impact solo games, if I play with humans players I notice any red-shirts do this “annoying stuff” whenever possible.

I’ve completely maxed out so this stuff doesn’t bother me anymore, but I dislike how the game seemed to be designed to actively hinder players by TC.


So have I, man… so have I

Boomshot Hail Maries are a lot less frequent in Gears 5. I know that in Gears 4, they would start lobbing them from the other side of the map at you(effectively). It almost became a skill of its own to watch the sky for any explosives about to rain down on your base.

And in regards to the OP, I never observed the enemies deliberately crawling into barriers, I just assumed it was the AI being stupid and not seeing it as an object that can kill them when they’re downed. As for AI soldiers, well, they are supposed to go after DBNOs. The AI just isn’t consistent in whether they shoot at them from a distance(ineffectually when execution rules are on, and TC said they had fixed that) or try to execute them. I just keep them turned off now.


I appreciate your observation. The next time you play solo horde or very red-shirt-heavy, watch the A.I. behavior change the moment you go for a tap. Happens to me all the time.

Unfortunately, I hardly ever do either of those anymore, so opportunities for observation on my end are rather limited. Although the AI are no worse than overeager players killing the last enemy when 3 of you are trying to cap a destroyed tap while the engi or whoever uses a repair tool is fixing stuff up and player 5 goes off to kick or shoot the last enemy. Like, unless it is an established consensus for your team to not leave a crawler at the end of a wave, don’t go rushing off to kill it.

Fallout is infamous when it comes to Boomshot Scions sniping Players across the Map :joy:

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Harbor too. It was a little ridiculous sometimes, you’d just picked up someone and then the next cross map Boomshot downed someone again just a few seconds later.

Not helped by the fact that people didn’t learn and never watched the skies.

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You beat me in posting this vivid remembrance from Gears 4.


Not much different behaviour to most human players though? :roll_eyes:


:joy: Made my day, but it’s true.

Public lobbies, yes.

But I think some of this is easy enough to replicate / see for oneself, I can’t be the only player who has noticed that drones “suicide” themselves on barriers if you try to execute them, for example.