Anti Cheat Exists!


In a recent stream I asked TC Octus why he did not respond to my video I sent to him of a cheater. He stated that players that are reported to TC staff through the forums use an automated anti-cheat detection system to find hackers quite quickly! He stated: “Although the video is appreciated (please keep sending them!) we use an anti-cheat detection system on accounts that are reported to TC”.

This is an update to all our PC friends that Gears 4 does has an anti-cheat, and it is used on players that are reported to TC. If you see something, say something!



Meaningless as the majority of cheaters are the same few people who make new accts frequently. A real anti cheat detects them when they start cheating, not days later after they already have a new acct ready to go.


I’m sure TC had some degree of anti cheat. If a player attempts to directly altar a client side value that’s validated by the server (think weapon damage numbers, fire rate, etc), I’m sure they detect and ban on that. I’m also reasonably confident that they’ll ban players who are just too good statistically, be it people with 100% headshot accuracy, stuff like that.

I do not for a second believe they have systems in place to detect players who parse information meant to be hidden from the player, IE, player positions (for wall hacks). And they CLEARLY don’t ban the HWID of various hardware components on a cheater’s machine to make it tougher for them to just make another account and continue cheating.

I don’t mean to sound negative, but don’t expect stellar anti cheat in the next iteration of the game either.

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It’s not the fact that they can ban accounts, it’s the fact that the banning has no bearing on that individual who goes and makes another account without any effort and carries on cheating.

This is the sad reality of it.


they have a system thet helps confiriming if someone who’s reported to them is cheating. The system doesn’t automatically ban someone instantly when they start cheating.

Pretty sure Steam’s anti cheat bans if they detect any kind of suspicoius behaviour like 100% accuracy.