Anti Battle Royale?

So I been thinking. If I was a lead designer or game developer of Gears of war, I would make a new game mode. Usually people abhors the oversaturation of Battle Royale. How about make a fun game for Gears. Here’s my take.

It’s a BR, with a hybrid of Overrun from judgment and Attrition from Titan fall 2and Halo reach invasion . It’s a idea so I haven’t fleshed it out.

Locust and Human war. 50 vs 50

Spawns are counts are 10, same for locust.

COG must either defend til evacuation arrives, defend and kill all locust OR build a hammer of dawn station to instantly win, but they have to scavenge some parts in locust territory.

Locust must either kill all Human players, protect seeders or inkers o block out the sky for kryll to act like the Battle Royale ring, or prevent the humans from building the hammer of dawn station or evacuating. There’s a.i mobs such as wretches, tickers and Travers, locust can use vehicles and same for COG(raven, centaur etc) either we can go with kill count or just have it spawn regularly just like in battle field. Humans can create turrets and have human AI help them out defend. (kinda like warzone in halo 5)

Game last either 60 mins or more. If a stalemate happens, Lambent overruns then and no one wins.

It’s sounds crazy autistic and a ideas guy but it’s something I thought of. Anyone can tag along c:

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As crazy as this sounds we first need a Gears game that can handle 10 players let alone 100


It’s possible, but it really up to how hardware limitation for the new console. PC will do it well, but it’s up if the new Xbone will handle it or how much Papa Microsoft and Phil Sponcer wants to invest in The Coalition.

I think instead of the Battle Royal thing, just a free for all option.

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No. Just no.

Execution. TDM/Arcade. KoTH. Escalation.
Horde. Escape.
No social playlists, all ranked.
Perfection in quantity and quality.

To be clear, Arcade is a variant. TC have said any gametype could be played with Arcade rules. Non-Arcade TDM will be in Gears 5 as well.

Good effort, but seems too big for a Gears game in its current form. First of all we’d have to handle a Big Team Battle of at least 10v10 with larger maps before any kind of objectives and/or vehicles are added.

Damn, I really like the lore and overall story relevance of this idea. This would be cool.

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Isn’t escape brand new though

I’d be happy if they just did away with every game mode besides Koth…

Originals founders of FPS QUAKE.

For Gears 5 we need mode Slipgate of mode quake champions…

Really cool.

No Battle Royale please.

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I was sceptical when gears went from 4vs4 to 5vs5 any more and I think the game would loose any sense of tactical engagement. Gears can be fast paced, but the small numbers gives players a chance to see what’s happening and try to flank or support teammates from additional angles. Too many players, and the games mechanics dont work, imagine coming around the corner and having 6 people raining lancer rounds on you, it would be impossible for anyone to flank them.

And BR games typically have lots of weapons and powerups/ pickups. Gears has fewer weapons than most, but that’s because they are all unique for the most part, if they had to crank out a few more generic weapons and basic powerups just to sustain BR it would be disappointing if you ask me. Plus the game mode is over saturated in my opinion. Games like Apex that are built around the idea work, but call of duty and battlefield feel way too tacked on, it’s just my opinion, but i think BR is more of a game “type” rather than just a game “mode”

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