Another way to "reset" the leaderboards in Escape

This probably sounds stupid but someone came up with this idea here on the forums to introduce a “Legendary Score Boost” card so I thought, actually that’s not a terrible idea to be honest.

Most Escape “time” leaderboards are near impossible to beat mainly because of the meatshield glitch having been patched. I suggested a bunch of times to the devs that the Escape leaderboards should’ve been reset because of that so that we can hunt down for time again.

Now that I think of it, ANOTHER Score Boost card would actually solve this problem too and on top of that, it would actually make the runs even more interesting since you’d be even more limited to which cards you want to bring with to this nightmare.

I mean on a technical perspective it might still be harder to introduce more cards but it would certainly also change how to approach the hives to achieve those times.

They could also adjust the cards scores for a bit easier calculation because right now it’s a weird number (43%) when maxed out. E.g. they could do something like this:

Score Boost 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%
Rare Score Boost 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%
Epic Score Boost 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18%
Legendary Score Boost 4%, 8%, 12%, 16%, 20%, 24%
Heroic Score Boost 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%

Totaling at 60% when maxed excluding Heroic and 90% including Heroic.
Or they could just double all of them, totaling at 120% or 180% respectively.
Obviously this would mess with the Weeklies but they’re already busted so who cares really…


Lol this post is for basically 12 people who still care about score runs :laughing:

On a separate note- this sounds like an interesting idea but it’s highly unlikely anything will be done at this point.


Not going to lie, can’t say I’d want ANOTHER darn score boost card. But otherwise yeah, leaderboards should have been reset or something a long time ago.

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Wouldn’t expect this to be added.

But I have to ask, what exactly is the purpose of leveling the score boost cards? They don’t serve any actual gameplay purpose beyond making your own life harder in return for increased score, and grinding for them would just make it harder to obtain other cards(for those who haven’t maxed theirs). I’m more questioning why they shouldn’t start out at max boost and be unlevelable(if that is an actual term).

And they should really just reset the leaderboards. Surely it can’t be that difficult to accomplish to wipe some times off the server data… then again, this is TC, and they’d probably somehow find a way to delete player card progress for Escape while doing so.


What bugs me ( pun intended) is why some maps don’t register your new time. For me it’s Last Stand and The Trap.

Lol right. What if we had like little friendly competition or something? I’m not as worried about it as some others are about it, but wouldn’t mind trying for times again. That was part of the whole reason I tried to better at Escape to begin with.

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Wouldn’t say no :slight_smile:

Btw, nice job beating us on The Hive with @Siul_S249 .

At this point I’ll be happy to play just for the sake of playing.

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For me, I’ve got two different times for The Last Stand (I think) - one on the actual leaderboard; and another different time on the Escape hive menu when I hover the cursor over The Last Stand.

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I have the same thing. My new time never updated on the leaderboard.

I would love for this to happen or they just reset the Escape time leaderbords. As far as I know there’s no more weird interactions like the meatshield thing so the leaderboards will be clean this time around.

Probably don’t need a new score boost for every rarity missing one. Maybe just a Legendary or Heroic score boost.

Never got to go for actual score runs because I was only really interested in solos for a long time.


It’s a no from me lol. Score boost cards are just a total waste in my opinion. I don’t know why they just don’t reset the leaderboards every month. Surely they could just put it on a timer and after the times is up the board just resets. I would rather they do that, then add another pointless card to the game.


They could just add the card and make it level 6 for everyone AND also reset the leaderboards.

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Come on, this is TC we are talking about lol. I still say resetting the leaderboards every month is the better solution but if the vote for a new card is there then fine let them have it lol.

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But then the problem that the card is supposed to be the solution for doesn’t exist any longer.


Just reset the Leaderboards then lol people have wanted this since they patched the Meatshield extra time thing.

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It would be a good thing. As said already by many it would probably push people to play again.
At least one (it may be a one click action … )

The last stand time seem to not update for me and one of my friends time wont update on the trap so those seem to be the two hives that the leaderboards are broken.

What i don’t understand is TC had time to patch the least important thing in this game but did not have time to fix the much bigger problems.

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Same it’s been like that (for me) since i think Operation 3 or something


Ditto, lots of my runs never updated the leaderboards. I got some pretty decent times when I was Mastering all the hives and for some reason my leaderboard time is still from whatever I did on my very first run of that hive.

Then again, this is TC who at launch didn’t have a way to track or display negative hive times because they didn’t think that would happen. Shows how much they play tested the game mode.

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