Another Thread about Skill levels in Gears 5. (wallbouncing specifically)

So there is seems to be a good amount of chatter going on with regard to the mechanics of Gears 5, and how it compares to previous titles. Now, as many here already know, I am a 2018 Gears vet. Yes you read that right. So take what I say with a grain of salt. I know I don’t compare to the 1,000+ vets out there, and I salute you.

But I digress. My point of this thread is to ask a question, namely, does the slower wallbounce in Gears 5 provide a more skilled way of movement? I’ve seen some people here argue that this is the case. Slower movement forces one to be more methodical and strategic in their movement, basically making offence more difficult. But, alternatively, slower movement makes defense easier. This gameplay seems to favor a more laying-in-wait type gameplay over a more aggressive style. Now this could just be more personal experience, but it is something that I have perceived.
Although, alternatively, 4’s faster wallbounce made offence easier, and defense (depending on how skilled the bouncer actually was) harder. The faster bounce provided you with more agility and ability to evade shots, and favored a more aggressive playstyle.

Now I wouldn’t consider one to be more skilled than the other. Both require different skills. Though I will admit that I have had a hard time to adapting to 5’s slower movement, thus biasing me to enjoy 4 more.
I am not lost to the fact that many who were exceptionally good at 4 are also very good at 5. But for me, I went from Onyx 3 (pushing Diamond) to struggling in Silver, making 5 a very frustrating (though still fairly enjoyable) game for me personally.

-Dave out

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