Another "The Surge" solo with Marksman

Ignore my mad-ness, if you get what I mean lol.

This one was mainly tricky because of the lack of ammo. Nowhere near comparable with Combat Medic or Architect though.


The fact that you were able to complete this so ‘easily’ blows my mind. Your ability to somehow sneak past the remaining drones and Hunters on the way to the first supply room with Embars in Act 1 is astonishing. Knowing my luck I was going to always get melted in the process. The luck runs strong with you lol.

Then for Act 2, your approach on full Embar spam, including the card, was so simple it kinda just made me rethink things lol. With all the ideas I was brainstorming and theory-crafting on this for my own attempt to put it on the list, you just made me realize how much I was WAY overthinking things lol. I was dreading this and simultaneously only making it harder on myself from the looks of it.

Excellent work man. This was humbling, and such a relief to know that I now don’t have to spend who knows how many days of frustration trying to complete it. Thanks for taking that burden off my shoulders lol.