Another Swarm Reward For General!? Operation 6

Why in the hell do we keep getting Swarm Heroes for reaching General in operations? Four out of six operations have now had a character that most people will never even see as a reward. I thought there would be a variety. So far it’s been 1) Team Rock Weapons Skins then 2) Scion then 3) Kantus then 4) UIR Cosmonaut then back to 5)RAAM and now 6)Reyna. The only Swarm General reward that was interesting was the Kantus because it fully changed his look and wasn’t just a recoloring like the other 3. The UIR Cosmonaut is my favorite so far because it is so different from the standard UIR Soldier and Nomad. When do we get more COG Heroes?


Because this skin is cool


It’s the exact same concept as the Blood Red Speaker and similar to the Blood Moon Imago. It’s literally just a color swap. At least with the Ronin Kantus and UIR Cosmonaut they changed their overall design. Plus there is only one game type in which you will actually ever get to play as Swarm so you barely get to show the skins off making the amount of time required to earn General that much less rewarding.


I mean, the swarm doesn’t have as much variety. I love this general skin.


This is the real issue. What incentive is this for a PvE player?
@TC_Kilo1062 Maybe you could look to this in future operations?


That’s what I’m saying. I play majority Horde and Escape. I only play Versus for daily star challenges.


At least it’s miles better than the hideous, cannon-breaking Lambent RAAM and easier to earn to boot.

how it is canon breaking? its been a speculation for a long time that RAAM turned lambent, the dudes body fell into a bunch of imulsion. I dont necessarily believe it but I wouldnt be surprised. I remember when GOW 4 was teased people thought the speaker was RAAM reincarnated.


Maybe the idea is that since the General reward will never go in the Featured tab, they don’t want to make it too good. I know I’ve seen a bunch of people torn up about the UIR Cosmonaut.

Don’t you think that the best rewards should be for those who put in the time though?

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That was funny, considering he looks nothing like RAAM.

That is true, but I’d argue TC should just do a better job at making the factions more even despite that never being the case in this franchise. They can easily make it a first, and add the 58 Locust Drone variations.

It also sucks for PvE players who can only use two of the six general rewards.


Who knows why it was a theory. from what I know, what has the speaker done so far? he was like the big boss and then poof he dies.

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Gears of War 4: how to make an absolutely forgettable story with an even more forgettable boss.

Swarm look much better in 5 than what they looked like in 4, however i always played as the imago, he was my fav and then the warden became my fav. im glad they are making more swarm variants because id actually like to play as them more.

I went back and played it with a friend, it wasnt as bad as I remember. I liked how dark Act III was and some of the missions were cool but besides that. forgettable. except the prologue that was cool, i liked having Kim back and Dom and Hoff

I don’t think that really makes sense to do. There’s 3 multiplayer modes and only in one of them can you use the Swarm skins, and even then half the players are still COG characters. More, probably, when you consider the Co-Op vs. AI mode. COG characters will just get used by so many more players, focusing the majority of skin development on them is the most logical path. I’d argue that they already spend more time making Swarm skins than would be strictly logical by the numbers.

would personally love if we got 2 skins for general.

I’m still hoping that we someday get Beast Mode from 3 back or an equivalent.

This lopsided roster has been a thing since Gears of War 2, so I dont ever expect it change to be clear. Even in GOW3 when there was both Locust and COG PvE modes, the latter still outnumbered them in the roster 24 to 16. Because you know, we definitely needed five Cole skins.

Also, theres already existing Swarm skins that can be added to beef up the rotation. Mulcher and Buzzkill Scion to be exact… who I really wanna play as. Getting tired of my Glided skin.