Another suspended "quitter"

im actually not a gamer or somthing. i played gears 3 in the past. i really admire this game its so awesome.
so bought gears 5 and while playing versus sometimes ive got disconnected or my game was not responding, tho the game run good for a while. yes it sucks to other players but mostly for me of course. so now im suspended for a day and a half.

but seriously why isnt there a warning on penalties for quitting when you first accidently quit? some notification in the game? i even didnt know about these penalties . im 31 years old and dont know everything that is going on in this “gaming world”.
i will seriously try to check my pc or even thinking to upgrade my hardware. and sometimes its the server where i live doing the problems. so to bad they are not saying anything about these penalties when they selling the game for someone.
too bad that we cant even contact them .

by the way im from the middle east so maybe this also cause problems

i really appriciate games developers cuz this is science fiction to me, to creat such a thing, but too bad they dont bother to be more nice to their costumers.

i really hope that the game developers are not reptilians but are humans who care other humans. cause this game is about a true story going on under your nose right here on planet earth.

I thought it did warn you by asking if you want to continue to quit despite penalties. Did they change this?

Idk if they changed anything I’m new player. But I have not seen any warning. If I was seeing one I would stop playing until I fix my problem. Generally I’m in favour of not quitting. But yes without a warning it’s harsh

Hm, yeah it was there when the game first came out but they’ve changed the quit penalties at least twice since then, so I don’t know.

The quit penalties are cumulative, though, so the more you quit/disconnect the harsher it’ll get. If disconnects are a problem, maybe quickplay would be a better option for you. Not the best solution, but there it is.

Yea but no. Ranked is the real fun. I’ll not compromise on quick. I Will fix my issues.

Good luck :+1: Hope it works out for ya