Another stupid question regarding horde... Which might be obvious

Here we go (to embarrass myself).

What is the maximum stim can the player can have in horde or escape???

Or does this depend on the class?

Anchor can give the team 6 stim but it doesn’t tell you what is the maximum number of stim.

Both Kat and Emile need to be safe in order to get the stim, but again it doesn’t tell you what is maximum number of stim.

I know blademaster can have 250 stim (if I’m correct) if you got shock shield card activated. However, the energy surge gives you 6 stim per second but it never tells you the maximum amount of stim blademaster can carry while you are near the tap.

They should’ve added stim % near player’s health, just to show that the player is carrying 200% stim for example (while in tac). Unfortunately, that is to late now as the op 8 is done and dusted lol.

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The only way to currently tell if you have full Stim is if you get a solid outline appearing, then fading away. Previously used to show the outline permanently when at full Stim, but presumably changed in order to improve visibility(not that it really bothered me either way). Numerical counters don’t exist and for whatever reason TC has ignored giving players a number for what the max amount of Stim is and how much damage the Stim could take compared to a player’s health.

One of the great mysteries of Gears 5.

It’s like toilet paper math

4 SuperBonus Stims = 7 Giant Size Stims


When the stim on screen has omen i believe

This is why you guys need to switch to the Metric system


Blademaster does get 250 Stim from shock shield but that isnt the max.

Energy Surge stops giving stim after standing next to a tap for about 40 or 41 seconds. Its hard to tell when it stops because the Stim Omen doesn’t show up when you’re just standing there next to it as Blademaster. It gives 6 stim every half second so that would equal out to almost 500 stim. So its probably 500 stim.

But Yes a Stim Health Bar would be great. So would alot of UI stuff involving cards but Michael Shannon said long ago that UI stuff is very difficult and isn’t possible for Gears 5 now.

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Theres no visible value for it, but we have a visual effect as they had already told you here. Some classes measures it different. Blademaster or veteran specify a value on their cards but others like nomad and infiltrator that heavily rely on stim measure it with porcentages instead.

For example nomad has a max value of 100% stim with a maxed card and you cant stack it beyond that percentage, It should be the same case for any class but brawler has a card that gives a 60% stim but you cant stack it iirc… cant go beyond tht 60%, so its weird. Infiltrator has an increased stim card but its measured with percentages too rather than a proper value. Yet the visual effect is always identical to the 100% so you cant really tell how much stim you have.

But whats the value in stats? Only TC knows, sucks its invisible to the player and it leaves us here guessing. Hopefully if they keep this mechanic for gears 6, they implement dedicated UI values to it.

Default is 1000 Health and 500 Stim (I somewhat calculated that with Architect’s Legendary card until the screen flash thingy happened what @AmicableWall421 already described).

The maximum one can have is +230% Stim or a bit over triple the value, 1650 to be precise (provided by Infiltrator).

Just FYI regarding Infiltrator’s Reaper card. if you pair it with Stim Batteries, it will grant you 50% from the 1650 total Stim you can get per shotgun kill. So if you’re not getting hit, it’s two kills to go from 0 to 1650 Stim.


Didn’t know this. Pretty cool to finally know this info.


I was always under the impression stim = a quarter of your base HP but I guess it is actually more than that. Interesting.
A good way to test it would be to get max stim, go in Venom, see how long it takes to make the stim go away and then see how long it takes for your health to go away. Or you could use friendly fire on Icebound to test it maybe.

Gotta try these things sometime.

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Yep true true. The only way I found out base health in PVE was 1000 was from shooting a teammate with the Gnasher with 4 shots for 250dmg a shot lol.

I used the water in Icebound to find that out.
I had a second account around and I exposed it and then made them walk into it and when they went down, it said I did 1000 damage. If I did it with Mac with Crazy Tough, it would be 1600 which adds up.


Wow TC can do math? Shocking!

Ive never really understood stim and therefore have only used 3rd party stim cards (like anchor barrier stim team boost) occasionally. Ive also never bothered to analyse enemy HP values so have never really understood how much damage cards like jacks explosive hijack can do. In that respect i am probably missing a trick with certain class builds but until such mechanics are clearly defined i am more likely to use cards that i do understand. Another grey area is smelting weapons. Torque bows seem high value whereas other weapons (eg heavy weapons) give less return. Does smelt value also depend on weapon ammo, which isnt visible to the player? There are too many ??? areas in the game which overly complicate and confuse. Surely defining cards and player/weapon attributes in general should be a base concept? A lot of things remain unaddressed in G5 (jack post hijack zapper not working for 1) which hopefully will be remedied in the next edition.

To the bedt of my knowledge TC has never, ever, explained the mechanics of stim.

This new thing they came up with, which was the driving reason for the hated omen change, and they never, even once, actually explained stim, its multiple different units, or its functionality.

People here have posted their ideas based on what they have observed, but those are educated guesses based on what they see…


My theory: it is either broken OR they want to micromanage it on a class/card/perk basis, so not having an official explanation allows them to do whatever they want, and just shrug in silence when players and or complain.

On Master horde, without further damage reduction like veteran or infiltrstor, stim level doesnt seem to matter, it just eats ONE hit of MOST weapons. Some weapons (boom, palace guard torque) down you anyway.

I just use the stim cards and appreciate whatever stim is given to me and whatever happens happens.

I gave up on TC math months ago.


Thats the point of stim though besides on Infiltrator. Stim gives you health gate which means it will protect you from any one single hit. The only one single hit thing it doesnt protect you from is a torque bow from a theron or palace guard but thats because those enemies use the VS A.I. bot AI and I dont really think those were balanced for PvE.

Honestly, the only thing that I hate is boomshot scions (that put you down in one shot).

I still remember till this day when my wife warned me off for screaming to loud, because I was drunk and acting like a jerk.

I was repairing a tap in Dam (near the car), all I saw was boomshot scion spawn in the incendiary section, but I thought it was dropshot scion (what do you expect I was drunk) when the scion said “firing” I knew I was ■■■■■■ and at that point I knew what was coming, a boomshot landed straight to my forehead which was inevitable. Bear in mind, I was also drunk and my reaction wasn’t quick enough to even dodge his shot.

I flipped, I screamed so loud and said “I ■■■■■■■ hate this game.”

Next thing you know is my wife switched off the router and said “I warned you.”

Edit: I don’t blame alcohol for my behaviour, I only blame myself for being a jerk.

Decided to make video-proof on it: