Another rank rant

I feel suckered into paying for this pile of crap! Ive played all weekend and won most matches with great scores. On friday i was at 99.75. On my way to gold but thats where it stopped! Lose a match and you can be sure your rank will drop eve if you play well! I have won my past 4 matches and have kicked ■■■ but my rank hasnt budged! Seriously flawed! Iwant my money back for this piece of crap!

If you post some screenshots of your games @III_EnVii_III can tell you what you aren’t doing enough of to rank up higher :wink:

It’s not just about winning or losing, and the system has a very narrow definition of “doing well”: it might not match yours


Winning doesn’t get you % unless it’s paired with good performances.

The longer you play at one set skill level, without improvements, the more stubborn the system will be.

As @Omen_LP stated,

Post some screenshots and we will see what is happening.

yes, that is the one part of this system which I believe is completely unrealistic - it does not take into account people who decide to try and get better after some time of just messing around… This is why we have to create new accounts for those situations… Which is crap… your rank in season 6 is heavily guided by how you performed in seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, Which basically means, unless you started sweaty from time=0, down the road you’ll be running with ankle weights… for ever, since they never reset this hidden skill rating, which is what this affects…

ohh, well… At least they’ll reset it for gears 5 :slight_smile:


It should completely reset when ranks reset.

Unfortunately it does not.

Although it’s not impossible to move up, it is a lot harder and you have to do it either solo or in a much smaller party size.

Yup, i did FINALLY manage to claw my way into onyx1 in ONE game mode (koth) on this (old) account, yippy… (after climbing pretty quickly into O2 in tdm, koth, and
O1 in dodgeball on a new account).

Well, at least everyone will understand this system for Gears 5 (lol, well, everyone who paid any attention to any of the THOUSANDS of posts and threads about this here, haha)

True. This is the first Gears game I have had reliable internet access to play with so I wasn’t great early on. Pair that with selfish game play and after 1000 matches I had a .37 win ratio with a 1.35 k/d and was ranked like gold 2 or 3. Since then I have learned and got focused on ranking up and by the time I had played my 2000th match I was up to a .55 win ratio with a 1.16 k/d and was ranked onyx 3. That means from match 1001 to match 2000 I had a 74% win ratio but the ranking system was so stubborn that even after a 97 game win streak starting at 40% of the way through onyx 2 I got stuck at onyx 3, 99.98%. Lost one game and lost 20% of a rank. Went 7-3 in a 10 game span and lost 80% of a rank.

I don’t think people will ever understand because they can’t accept rank isn’t progression, it’s based on skill.