Another Question: Playable Locust in horde

I was thinking back on a past livestream and remembered someone suggesting that players be able to use Locust characters in horde as a skin. I for one found the idea hilarious and wouldn’t mind this being a thing as it has a chance to create fun and curious teams. (RAAM and Delta, Kait and Myrrah etc)

But I wanna know what some of you guys think. Say we COULD use the locust in PVE. How would this make you feel? Let’s try and reach a consensus out of this before T.C. actually does do it (doubt) and everyone starts complaining. (theres always that one guy.)


You’re right. There will be that one guy. Like me. I’d be down for it, but I’m not, simply because I think TC will break the game doing it. They’ll probably screw up and make it where teammates can kill you like the rest of the horde as a swarm character or something. I also think they will with this PvE rework they’re doing for season 5. I am scared ■■■■■■■■ for it. Sorry for being a negative Nancy, but at this point I’d be ok with them just adding new content and fixing bugs. Like banzai bastions. Or kamikaze bastions, whatever you call them. I’m so over the banzai bastions man. But no they’ll probably add this, break it, and give us 6x xp again to make up for it.

I would be all for it, would give me a reason to get locust skins.


Same as the class-seperation. Creates unnecessary confusion.



What is there to elaborate on? At this point people should be used to Kait being Kait and not Coles Class. Putting the enemy on your team is an even worse idea.

Kaits current class goes entirely against her in lore continuity anyway. She is a long range fighter in the lore but a CQC specialist in game? She even uses a sniper in the first few campaign chapters.

I understand liking the new system and giving each character in game their individual personality and ability it’s a nice change of pace and it gave us some fun. But unfortunately a lot of these original and some newer characters weren’t written with specialties in mind so T.C. made up whatever they could.

I find it annoying that T.C. can’t maintain a consistent game mode and play style but if you actually think that removing abilities from characters to give people more freedom in who they play is worse than what we have right now then I’m sorry but you’re just wrong.

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And the Locust/Swarm fighting side by side with the COG wouldn’t? Alrighty then

Lmao it’s a game mode? It doesn’t need to be in line with the lore. PVP isn’t PVE shouldn’t have to either. It’s called letting players have fun. If your idea of fun is locking players into specific characters and roles then go play overwatch or something dude, gears ain’t for you.


But Kait needs to be?

I don’t need my favorite Barbie-doll to have “fun”. Maybe you should get your priorities straight if skins stop you from enyoing the game.

Don’t think you’re in any position to tell me how to spend my free time.

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Lmao do you have anything to actually refute my statements or is it all just meaningless babble.

1.Never said Kait had to be, was making a point on how she isn’t even following her own traits.

2.Never said skins stopped me from enjoying the game, was making ANOTHER point on how putting restrictions on players can bore the players.

  1. I wasn’t telling you how to spend your time, I was suggesting but maybe I didn’t word it easy for you.

You like restrictions? You don’t like T.C. for lifting them? I SUGGEST you play a game that caters to your enjoyment and not this game since you wouldn’t like it. Is that better?

Wanna have an actual discussion now or??

In a thread asking for input about adding Locust to the playable chars in Horde.

If skins bore you maybe you should consider a different game.

In the right context,sure.

I hate TC for a variety of reasons.

Heh, there’s nothing to discuss here. I’ve already explained why I don’t like the idea. I’m just glad even TC wouldn’t be stupid enough to implent something like this.

Lmao smh.

Didn’t think so buddy.

See if i worked on this game i would make Horde mode for the locust. This would be locust having to fight off or defend certain points/bases from the lambent. That would be a new and interesting mode.


I’m sorry but no. I would never like to see swarm/locust skins added to the cog side in horde, it just ruins the immersion. Now if they make a beast mode or overrun like game mode for locust/swarm fighting humans then yes I’m all for it. But yeah I just think it would be really stupid to have the monsters fighting each other while being on the cog side, even if horde isn’t canon to the lore, it would bother me.


I would imagine it as Baird has created a device that hacks the swarm/locust and makes them fight for the cog, so like a endless hijack, Also if there where “hijacked” versions of every swarm/locust skin that where more civilised and the they had blue war paint I think it would be fairly immersive.

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We just need Beast Mode back in 5.

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I think it’d be cool. Pay money for the damn things yet you’re only allowed a 50% chance to use them in 1 mode. Wouldn’t be confusing to me.


They could make an event where you can use locusts and the enemies are the COGs. They did something like this in the past, there were events with Frankenstein Imagos and Terminators, so they can use every skin in the game to add new enemies in Horde.

A Locust Only event would be great, with locust drone and grenadier as enemies.

Not for me thanks unless theres an option to turn the enemy into cogs etc.
I just want beast mode back