Another Question about Horde/Escape...Also maybe a Quick Question Thread?

This really isn’t worth making a thread for in my opinion but I thought I’d ask here since there are many horde elites that browse. So say my Blademaster is Lv13 and I want Blade Dancer as a card. Blade Dancer is automatically given to you at Lv20 Blademaster though, right? So my question is can Legendary Cards drop before I unlock them via Class level reward? In other words is there a chance I’ll see Blade Dancer drop before I reach Lv20 for the guaranteed unlock? I was under the impression it’s not possible for them to drop until you unlock them through class levels.

Far as the quick questions topic…I feel like we have a lot of threads popping up with questions that can be answered with a yes, no or a short explanation. These threads usually lead to being locked after the solution is found. Wouldn’t it be less clean up for the mods if there were a thread dedicated to short, sweet, simple questions about the game? Maybe this has already been suggested or looked over but its just some food for thought. If a thread doesn’t require discussion, feedback/opinions I think its more suited as a quick question or a rant.

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you’re quick!
see, this thread is now pointless lol.
that’s sad, I’m not super experienced with blade master but I assume that card is really good for them.


In Horde it is, in Escape it’s too situational imo compared to Brawler (the card, not the class)

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Well I’ve been playing with Blade Dancer around a bit in Escape runs lately, and while I haven’t used it in all the hives(through simply having not played them with the class) I have found it did seem to make a noticeable difference once I got a kill chain started. Though I guess you could argue you basically get the same with Brawler besides less max damage for the melee hits.

Not denying that, the damage-boost is quite nice but Drones/Scions bleed out either way and you can’t oneshot Juvies until you killed at least 3 enemies before you’re able to oneshot them while Brawler allows you to oneshot them right away.

Juvies are honestly the only reason why I would ever bring melee-damage to begin with.

I mean, I could always just go back to Shock Chain instead and get similar results but only during the ult since it wipes out clusters of enemies real fast when without I’d have to run up to each one if they don’t stand right next to one another. Just thought I’d try it.

Normally Juvies die after one swipe and bleed tick anyway, so idk if extra melee damage is really that needed in Escape.

It’s nice to cut through Juvies like butter and actually killing up to 4-5 Juvies with a single 3hit combo once in a while + it works outside of Venom.

Well I suppose that is a bonus to Brawler seeing as it’s permanent but I think I prefer using Blade Dancer for the higher end damage, even though I was initially skeptical(or however you spell it, never am sure) given the situational nature of the skill. I could achieve the same with Shock Chain but I’ve used the same build in Escape for many months so I figured I would just change things up a bit.

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