Another Lizzie skin

How about a decent lizzie skin without a mask or helmet

That would defeat the purpose of her character.


Not really

It actual does most of the carmines never reveal there faces so it would defeat the purpose of her design


Or this

Winter Lizzie please


Would be cool to see the face behind the mask though

no, it wouldn’t be cool to see it defeat the purpose of the mystery behind them

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It would, we seen will carmines face

I don’t think you understand the Carmine lore then.

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Oh really? The only Carmine that had there face shown was Will Carmine from the comics ya? but from playing gears 1, 2 ,3,4, and 5 THEY never shown there faces at it stil wouldn’t make sense to show there faces in the game and it will ruin there designs alot.

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That’s Valera with a onyx helmet


I find that Lizzie is probably the only character been in the game since Op 2 that has not had a decent amount of skins. Like the cog, baird, cole have had loads. I get they have been in games since the beginning. But its as if they can’t think anything for her so she gets left out.

For whatever reason they constantly keep bringing out the same crap skins desert and winter skins for everyone??

Come up with something new, ask the community for ideas or something because i think with the game ending in just few months and we only have, armoured lizzie, hivebuster lizzie, CS Lizzie, Motor pool and the halloween one. I think thats pretty s**t .

I dont wanna see a winter or desert skin version, or a collecters one which is just a bit of blue and gold, all look the same. Why not a gilded lizzie? What happened to those skins? We got baird and never saw it again ? Like were getting ANOTHER baird skin in the store in future and what is it :roll_eyes: Heroic :roll_eyes:

Always the meta character skins :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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The net says its elizabeth carmine

That clearly a female onyx guard not lizzie, it wouldn’t make sense to make a onxy guard skin of her ether since she never was part of the onxy guard she was part of the motor pool thus why there a motor pool skin of her

Actually no that was Valera with a helmet on before they decided to make her unmasked. The female onyx guards do not look like this at all.

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Valera is technally female tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok and? Still doesn’t make her an onyx guard, the only female character that was part of the onyx guard was Sophia.

I should of clearify too what the female onxy guards wear in general

Aight cool then