Another Lahni death …

I did not know a Matriarch was able to grab you through a warden lol.

I know I should have switch to heavy attack … but in the middle of a boss rush fight you don’t have always all your head.


Yeesh, at least have it do some damage to the Warden, hahah.

Just kidding, that’s as rude as when she negates a cover mantle and you teleport back into her hands.


Very unfortunate things happen to Blademasters

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Really weird sometimes. Here I was pretty sure to be protected by the warden.
It was a good practice and another BM lesson.

I just begin to do some boss rush and BM is really a very good pick in blood drive.

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Not as bad when my friend was grabbed through a window and murder by the air in blood drive by her xD

I think I know exactly who you are referring to. I think I was there actually.

no no this was just me and another friend just the two of us having fun

Ah. I remember a very similar thing happening that I saw.

Considering that’s 95% of the Boss Rush lobbies you see, you don’t have much of a choice. The other is 5% is probably Atrium.

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Yes it’s a pity. I just began boss rush so I think it’s good to start with an « easy » map although we failed that one.

I found one day also a custom lobby on Mercy but it was a big mess (the host put his base inside the church… big challenge even with 2 demo)

It is really difficult to find boss rush lobby or fill our own ones. Let’s see how it goes …

I’m pretty sure there’s some ‘anti-exploit’ coding in there. For instance when I occasionally use the Fab in a doorway, think Atrium, and it prevents some enemies from making it through the threshold, they’ll occasionally teleport through to the other side. Most other maps I only drop the Fab to one end, think Reclaimed.

As long as you’re aware that strangeness can happen when mobs are ‘frustrated’ you should be able to work around it.

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It could be. But usually on blood drive with a full team it should not be necessary to stay behind the fab in the room. But the host and 2 others were inside.
I was a bit ahead but maybe.
Anyway In that case I made a mistake and the matriarch should have taken Me as soon as the warden has been killed.
The fact that it occurred before the warden death was a « funny » thing …

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Absolutely, I agree with you there.

Those two bosses don’t necessarily trip my “Watch your spacing, Maggots™!!” instinct like maybe Kestrel or Swarmak do, so I don’t see a problem with you heading back behind the Fab.

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On asylum you know that little area in the middle of the map that has two path ways that lead right to it? It’s like under a balcony I guess. In a horde match one time my cm teammate was fighting a warden under there. I was all the way up near the trains in the gap that seperates the train tracks. I got downed by a torque bow and the warden under that little balcony executed me. From 19 meters away…


Was it supposed to work ? Or is it working only with shielded warden ?

Only works with Wardens. Not sure why it only works with Wardens and not anything else.

A thing you can do to deal with bastions is to flashbang whatever the bastion has and try to get underneath the bastion and melee. Even if your character doesn’t lunge at the bastion it will still count. As long as your knife passes through an enemy it should still count as a hit even if you didn’t lunge at them.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Now i remembered a thread where it has been discussed.
in this game I should have changed my mind and not insisted. I don’t know why I did this until I died.

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You ever just freeze the bastion with a cryo cannon but your freezing whatever it shielding? it ■■■■■■■ works and it funny (just like active rounds on a scorcher travels to it lmao)


Yeah alot of weird things happen with bastions.