Another dumb, dumb question regarding horde

Let’s say for example, my game lagged me out on wave 48, I rejoined my team on the exact same wave (48) and I completed the wave 50. Would that still count towards my runs completion (once I finished the game of course lol)?

Also, is there any alternative way where you can achieve runs completion IF you got lagged?

I recently got lagged out of the game, on wave 48 - River and it really sucks when that happens. Even worse, when you are playing 50 waves it seems like you just wasted that time for nothing lol.

Would appreciate any reply (or banters),


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unfortunately no. You have to be there from before Wave 1 to the end of the last wave. But if you lag out and come back you should have your perks if you bought any and you should have your power that you had before you lagged out.


Baird: “Yeah, nice one.”

I mean, what a waste of time lol. Ahh.

Thanks, I appreciate your reply bro.


I don’t know if this applies but when I was trying to complete the 3 person co-op in Hivebusters I lagged out twice and had to do complete restarts but joined back with the same 2 players TWICE and the achievement popped for completion at the end.

I’m not sure if a save point happened while I was out but pretty sure I got back in before a chapter ended or a new one started.

I was genuinely surprised when it popped.