Another disconnect, another ban

Once again, this game dropped me from a ranked match, didn’t let me rejoin, then BANNED ME FROM QUICKPLAY AND RANKED FOR 2 HOURS.



To start, everyone should learn the difference between a ban and suspension.

The initial few suspensions after a quit or disconnect should only be 15 minutes. After that the suspension times will go up incrementally. You have either quit many games, or get disconnected frequently. If you have a past or current habit of quitting, you must stop that to improve your match completion ratio and lower the suspension times. If you don’t quit game and are frequently getting disconnected, first I would recommend checking your home network setup and perhaps try opening the XBL recommended ports to ensure that you have an open NAT. If this still does not resolve your disconnects, you should submit a ticket to TC.


The disconnects are frequent and it never happens with other games. I don’t quit ranked games, ever. I will check into opening the NAT. Thanks.

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That’s nothing, it took me out of the game with the message that the connection to the server has been lost.
After that I was suspended for 16 hours.
And no, I didn’t get out of many games, of the 4 that I got out is either because the game was crashed or because I lost connection with the server.