Another Clayton Bug


Try Claytons frags or shocks while holding the torque bow with serrated edge equiped.

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Congratulations TC

Your game is so buggy you’re having us beta test it!

Let’s stop testing for them and have them actually do their jobs.

The retrospective of Clayton carmine in gears 5: He is the legendary grub killer who cheated to Survive.

He is still alive because he cheated.

I really do feel sorry for Clayton now that we can actually see how he cheated death several times: He rigged the game from his start!

Now he is definitely going to be debuffed. This is going to ruin him as a hero and now he is never gonna live up to his title once it happens.

That means the prophecy of the carmine family will be complete in gears 6. Poor Clayton

Baird (for whatever reason) seems to be the only character that hasn’t gotten his bleed barriers back IIRC, sometime they giveth sometime they taketh away.

So if his torque works like Grace’s mace used to, I wonder if he can use Incends like she can… :slight_smile:

I think I will go and try it, for a laugh…

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As of right now - No barrier bleed with Grace, holding the mace. I’ve tested it. Lizzy on the other hand…

Did this stuff start when they started letting everyone buy forts from the box?

Could they simply break the ownership of the barrier fortification alone?

I can confirm Paduk barriers bleed if he has stim / the card.

I never even knew about the Paduk bug before, and it seems like a pain to activate it, but once I did, I was like “Oh, okay that does a TON of damage.”

Feels like outright cheating, eh not for me. Made the game not even “fun” anymore.


Yeah I tried it in solo horde just for a few waves. My Paduk’s bleed right now happens to be much higher than Clay’s, I believe his armored shot has a like a 20% higher max bleed than Clay’s serrated edge. So his barriers are much more damaging. Plus, he doesn’t worry about having a specific weapon ready since his bleed applies to all weapons. The caveat is he needs to have stim. I found using fear then executing a reject to be the most straightforward way to get it back. Most of the time, bleed-barrier Paduk will want to hide to save his stim, except maybe to pop off a few Markza shots at more powerful enemies. Can get boring after a while.

All these bugs, glitches, or exploits are making the game unplayable. It really does feel like an unfinished game. At first it was kinda neat seeing these bleed or stun barriers. now it just makes the game boring. TC better do something quick and right to fix this, or what little players are left are going to leave and once the players leave, TC won’t be able to bring them back.

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Clay’s barrier bleed is much smaller than grace’s. I suspect grace’s bleedwas recursive, so you got bleed on bleed: as soon as the enemy started to bleed itjustkept bleeding until it died, exponential bleed. Grace justneeded a singlelevel 1 barrier to stop ANYTHING (non boss).

My serrated edge is at 30% and the bleed from a barrier didntkill juvies… Itis hardlygame breaking…

Bleed is based on the base damage of the weapon you’re holding which is why Baird’s bleeding damage was absolutely insane when combined with a Longshot because of the base damage of the Longshot being that high. Active reload it for even higher damage. Similar things applies to Paduk. Give it a shot and you should see the bleeding numbers should be higher. I don’t think the Markza will be stronger in bleeding power than the Longshot even with the Markza card equipped.

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I thought they so, because I already made post about this lol.

I must’ve missed it then.

Me too. I don’t like the recruit clayton skin.
Classic Clayton skin is the best.


Yeah both are good! But I personally prefer the classic skin for Clayton.

Because he has the words ‘Destroy Locust’ and ‘Grub Killer’ visibly written on his armor, something which the chrome steel armor does not show.

Collector’s clayton is his best skin, it emphasizes his graffiti

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When was this skin released? I seem to be completely unaware of this.

At the beginning of op 3