Another aimbot user ? Please TC, don't let this go unnoticed again

I’ve seen a bunch of cheaters on Gears 4, but never actually took the time to post a thread about them. Reporting them and seeing no result from it (except their reputation going down, just a little… LOL).

I noted his GT in case, I’ve been told I shouldn’t call him out here so I’m editing this.

So, just like all the aimbot users out there, he mostly uses the sniper; I see him barely aiming and still, everytime it is a headshot.
With the Gnasher, his damage was so strong, and he was able to hurt me in weird angles.
Normal players make mistakes. Would you mind doing a quick check on this dude?

It was King of the Hill on Canals if you’re wondering. I actually turned my console off entirely 'cause it’s just ruining the fun at this point.
On Youtube, they explain how to easily install the game with the aimbot, so it’s no surprise if a lot of people use it.

I was playing Social 'cause my teamates were not online. Can you tell me again why I can’t disable the cross play ? I was against it in the first place (like many people in the community).

Sorry to pollute these forums with that. I couldn’t really follow his screen for long when killed by him, so I cannot say I am 100% sure; but TC can ?

Thanks in advance for your time. (Please, don’t allow that in Gears 5, dont you have a cheater’s pool or something ?)

I guess I been lucky enough to not run into any PC players that cheat, there nothing special I do get strong shot damage from wierd angles but this game is so unpredictable with lag I really wonder what the other person is actually seeing on his screen, sometimes I actually benefit from it. I didn’t even notice someone was behind me putting body shots in me, damage didnt even register untill like the third shot all I did was turn and gib him, don’t get me wrong those are far few in between. I’m usually on the wrong end of lag

Becareful bro with saying his name, TC might lock the post because you are calling him out even though he may just be a cheater

Really ? Then what should I do if I encouter this same dude or another ?
I’ve done a lot of research since yesterday, and apparently there’s no point in even trying to report them in anyway; since they can change their account whenever they want ? lol

So, basically it means that we have to deal with it no matter what ?


I would report him on xbox and DM Octus/Vectes his GT and let them look into…but they will probably ask you for video proof to be honest…guidelines here are strict and say you can not call out/post other peoples GT’s

Oh, I should’ve sent them a private message, then ? OK I got you. Should I edit this post ? (I actually edited it, considering what you’ve told me). I dont think I’ve recorded it. But I won’t do that mistakes again, I’m gonna stream my games from now on; so I’ll always have “video proof” as you say. I only thought about it today unfortunately.

As I said, it’s the first time I’m actually trying to fight so I dont really know what’s the best strategy against cheaters.

Thank U for your advice and your time anyway ^-^

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Did you take video footage? Sorry if you mentioned this but I’m half asleep getting ready to watch my niece and nephew. I don’t think 3 hours of sleep is healthy, lol. I do see you mentioned you’ll record full games so I doubt it though. Remember, you don’t need to actually record full games ahead of time. Unless PC is different you should be able to record clips after the fact but someone else can verify as I’m on Xbox.

Anyways, if you did, send that to them. Video proof is the best possible thing you could send as they can then determine if it’s possible or not.

I actually didn’t record ! :sweat_smile: Yeah I know, you can press Xbox Guide button then “x” right ? I have plenty of clips from the past. Maybe I forgot to mention it, but I’m actully playing from Xbox. I bought the Xbox S Gears Edition ages ago, and Gears 4 Ultimate Edition was included in the pack

They might not need a full game, but honestly I think it’s the best thing to do, 'cause I know I’ll encounter those cheaters in the near future; and this time I’ll be ready ^-^

Lol I didnt sleep a lot either last night, but the moon was full so I’m not really surprised :smiley:

Thanks for your advice and answer though. I’m kind of a spontaneous/impulsive person, last night I shut my xbox off and went here right away lol :joy: I should think twice before acting next time, especially now that I know they can just change their account and keep using those mods/aimbots ! Which makes everything even worse.

So many PC players get accused of hacking just because they’re better than the person complaining or because they get a couple flashy kills. You see the PC symbol, see them play well, call them a hacker. That’s how it goes in ranked.

If you don’t have evidence, don’t even bother posting about it. Too many people get accused just because their opponents are ignorant, so you’re not going to get anywhere without proof.

If you think someone is cheating, record evidence. And with the evidence, spam @octustc and @coalitiongears on twitter. I usually DM and mention them in a public tweet about it.

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So I know this is a sensitive subject. TC has commented on this multiple times in the weekly developer streams. They do regular scans to detect people using exploits, or tools that give them an advantage in the game, and take action against these types of players.

So what should you do??

  • You can always report them using the tools provided with Xbox Live
  • Can send a PM to TC Vectes on the Forum or, on Twitter: HERE
  • You can also send a PM to a Moderator like myself and we will forward up to TC

If you can please provide video poof, if not TC can still dig deeper to confirm if a person is using these kind of exploits.

They will investigate and take action if needed.

The only thing that makes it difficult with PC accounts is they can just create another account, and continue on. If that is the case please contact someone with this, and TC will investigate, and take further action if needed.

Thank you.

I will be closing this due to the nature of calling a player out, and we’re in discussion of possibly a thread to report players like this that continue to spread a negative experience with using these kind of exploits.

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