Annoying players hacking and making pings spike to win

play the game so much that you start demolishing diamonds, and then play late at nights, after that win every game with incredible kd ratios 17-3 or similar , and do this multiple matches in a row, youll start to see them soon

Been there, done that. Played plenty of matches in KotH with 25+ captures and 100+ kills and have yet to see this cheating you speak of.

maybe its the diamond scion causing them to do this now then

I honestly think you’re just experiencing the typical Gears experience though. There isn’t any cheating going on but rather someone has an inconsistent connection which due to the poor coding sends everyone else’s experience into a downward spiral. That’s not cheating but I do firmly believe these players need to be grouped with other bad pings or banned from ranked until their connections are fixed as to keep the integrity of ranked stabilized.


ill prove it to you guys, ill start recording all my matches and show you how a stacked team gets demolished and when ranked with them again they start to hack and lag me. forgot to mention im on the pc guys btw. so i run to the same people more frequently since the game is not that active on the pc

Please do but in those posts don’t label them as cheaters because it’ll get locked and deleted. They don’t want you to potentially falsely accuse someone of cheating when they didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe post the video and ask if this happens to anyone else and go on from there. Others may be able to help explain why it’s happening without resorting to false name calling.

for sure ill let you guys be the judge. also its pretty convinient how their ping spikes ONLY when i get close to them too, thats another thing they do besides hack their enemy. their ping is fine for the wholeeeee time, except when you get to that risky gnasher battles with them. like i said when the games are realllyy close i NEVER expereince these cheats, it only happens when i play at my full potential. which is another proof for me that theyre cheating

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It’s also possible their connections are just terrible and the extra data being processed is too much for them to handle. While that’s not cheating I do feel there should be some sort of punishment for ruining matches for others regardless of their intentions.

I look forward to seeing those videos though. You can even direct message them to me on Xbox if you like and I’ll let you know what I think. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this so your experience improves. :+1:

Edit: Also remember this game has a horrible track record in terms of consistency. One minute your shots will register but the next your shots don’t do any damage no matter how many you fire at them. The issues you’re experiencing sound like a game issue more than anything.

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naw man i make sure to keep an eye on their ping when this happens. these guys know exactly when to spike their ping, they use it at the perfect time and so calculated. if you guys dont believe me thats good. it means that its not happening to often to ruin the game. which is fine with me. but still there should be an algorithm to track abnormal spikes which makes the player report why their ping constantly increases so unnaturaly. and the hacks can be easily found too again with an algorith that tracks unnatural spikes for the enemy team. if an enemy team specially the star player lags when it gets to the same person over an over again , then that person has to be cheating. thankfully these cheaters will get caught because their not gonna do it only one time. no one lags that much

I agree with you man. My crew and I have experienced multiple times of what you say . We are all below 30 ping and when the other team is getting whooped my entire teams ping spike to 200 then settle at 50-60 and we can’t kill anyone. There definitely seems to be some lag switching comparable to Gears 2.


Sounds like he is just running into the same high ranked high ping players, since the player pool is so small.

Ping spikes are all too common now. It’s not anyone’s fault, but TCs MM code.

This guy is actually thinking people are intentionally ping spiking him? Lol

I have now seen it all.

bro lets start here… forget about other people… i can not only hack my own ping and raise it whenever i please but i can find other ip addresses and do it to other people as well, i should not have the ability to do that… Player unknown battle ground detects both of the ways i am able to do this however… which just makes the devs in this game lazy… you guys must be in denial if you dont wanna push your developer to make gears take over your pc and stop every background activity except things like twitch and youtube… just make them do it man…

Nope, because I shouldn’t have to stop other activity just because someone else doesn’t have the bandwidth. I should be able to download games at full speed allowed by Microsoft while I play any game if you ask me. Microsoft needs to implement something to detect bandwidth but that’s not a Gears issue.

yea i agree… microsoft or TC needs to make a bandwidth requirement to play, otherwise its gonna keep happening. and if you think its ok to do other activity while youre playing gears and have a high ping while youre playing. then youre part of the problem…

Again, turning things around are we? You may want to know what you’re talking about before you act all mighty. First, let’s look at my bandwidth:

I’ll stream and do whatever I please because I have more than enough to go around and NOT cause ping spikes. You may wish to choose to say such nonsensical things to those with actual poor connections because you’re just generalizing which is not a good thing.

maybe youre not familiar with i was talking about. Pubg doesnt Stop all the activity you do in the background. just the stuff that causes you to lag and cheat. if you have enough connection to go around then you shouldnt worry . they only block the stuff thats causing people to get an advantage in the game. thats what i meant. bots, hacking programs, and everything else. but if you have enough connection to enjoy the game and download, then theres no reason to stop that

You literally are trying to make me seem clueless when you respond to me in ways that don’t even go with what I said though. I don’t mean to sound rude but the last 5 posts back and fourth have seen you say things unrelated to mine.

youre saying your background activity shouldnt be stopped if you have a powerful connection, and i agreed with you. i dont understand why thats rude…

Let me rephrase what i meant so theres no misunderstanding i apologize…

What i want coalition to do is basically the same principle that Player unknown Battle Ground does with their pc vesion of the game.

What They do is monitor the persons pc for bots, hacks and cheats when they launch the game and prevent all of it. I never said to prevent downloading in the background. if you have a powerful enough connection to download and listen to music and twitch and youtube by all means all that should be allowed. BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A POWERFUL ENOUGH CONNECTION LIKE YOU DO KRYLON BLUE. only few people do however so i was suggesting that aside from blocking all the cheats, bots and hacks, TC should also have a minimum requirement of bandwidth to let people play. For example if someone is downloading stuff in the background, and their bandwidth drops below a certain threshold that makes them unsafe to play against such as above 100ping they should not be allowed to play. If some one is also modding their bandwidth for an advantage by purposely downloading or using programs to mod their ping, they should be detected and not allowed to play as well… sorry if i didnt elaborate correctly before.

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If you want to talk about a real issue how about tonight where I have a 50ms ping but the enemy has a 500ms ping and quite a few of my shots don’t register and I’m a whole second behind them? :face_with_monocle:

Then I play a match where I’m pinging at 15-25ms all match but the enemies are 40-50ms, which is fantastic, and none of my shots register at all and I’m a whole second behind them? But if the roles are reversed and I’m pinging between 40-50ms and they’re 15-25ms my shots would actually register. Like, wait, how? What? Yes! :confounded:

I don’t want a ping below 40ms nor do I want to play against anyone over 70ms. Both of these ends cause major issues for me and it’s ridiculous I have to beg for a higher ping just for this damn game to work. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I can assure you that I’m not writing this in complete anger and I will not regret posting this later on. This is a daily occurrence and I’m just baffled as to how this could even be happening. The logic is so backwards that it’s… it’s… sorry no words to describe this.

Oh, and Hi @Metal_Gear_Mo!

Yowski Powski

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