Annoying Kraken on Insane

I don’t know how many of you are having this trouble, but fighting the Kraken in Act 4 on Insane is getting really annoying for me. I’ve died like 20 times.

Let me list the difficulties I’m having because I wonder if you’re having the same issues.

  1. Even when I know I jumped out of the way of the tongues, I still get caught. And when I’m caught while my AI allies are shooting, I still get eaten no matter how fast I press the B Button. It only gets harder the longer it progresses. I have thought of a method to avoid the tongues and that’s to go in the area of one that has already launched or has someone in it’s grasp.

  2. Why isn’t there a Checkpoint after taking out one of the pincers? Having to start from the beginning has been really annoying for me.

  3. When the Kraken sucks everyone in, some of the AI are so close to it’s mouth that it’s an automatic defeat. Even when you shoot the tonsils and it retreats, someone still dies.

  4. The freaking Gear. I’m sorry, but why is the Gear considered a major character in the final boss fight? Why aren’t they like the Onyx Guards who die in an instant? The Gear dying either by getting sucked up or dying immediately for no apparent reason and causes me to restart the fight really pisses me off.

Now these aren’t really problems, at least the first one isn’t, but I’d thought I’d touch on it.

  1. Which Lancer is better to use–the regular Lancer or the Lancer GL? I use the regular Lancer for it’s accuracy.

  2. Jack isn’t really any good in this part until he sacrifices himself at the end. He’s useful in putting up the shield/stim when the Leeches come, but his Shock Trap and Flash are useless.

  3. Besides the Talon (which I really don’t like), the Lancers, and the ammo, why aren’t there any other weapons? I mean sure, you can get them after you reunite with Marcus, but I feel like the Torque Bow and Boomshot, and maybe even the Trishot would be useful here.

  4. The Kraken fight in general is boring. All it does is use it’s tongues and sucks everything up. I don’t count the Leeches because they’re lackies. Why doesn’t the Kraken use it’s tentacles like the Leviathan in Gears 2?

I found the easiest way is to camp all the way behind the rail gun and spam GLs at it. Did it on my first try with this method.

Do you have the Freeze upgrade for Flash? I believe that it is responsible for outright destroying a tongue, but I cannot be certain since I never went to that part without the Flash freeze. But either way, it destroys one of the tongues. Useful for when it catches one of your allies who isn’t an Onyx Guard.

Lancer GL, 100%. Fires faster and still is more accurate than the original. Just needs better recoil control. Otherwise, just spamming its explosives at the Kraken in an easy way to cheese through the fight. You get infinite ammo for it in the fight, so…

How did you even manage to keep the Gear alive until then? For me the damn AI always just stands out in the open somewhere being stupid and taking all the fire in the section where the Minotaur is stuck so it’s impossible for me to even try keeping it alive.

And as @Keep_The_Bacon said, standing behind the railgun will prevent any tongues from coming after you. Just go as far left as possible.

Also, I think that it doesn’t use its tentacles because it might be a little difficult to dodge those. I mean, have you even looked at their size? They’d squash a human like a fly.

I’ve been doing that, too. However, the tongues are still able to reach me, namely the middle one. I saw a video where a person stationed themselves by one of the turrets.