Announcer Voices Unlock

This might be asking for too much, but would anyone like to see changeable Announcer voices? In Gears 5 right now we know it’s Niles and Jinn, but what if we could change that.

For example, I’ll use MK11, where you could unlock Kronika and Shao Kahn as announcers through special ways. So say, you could unlock a Myrrah Announcer by beating the Campaign on Insane or something. Unlock Prescott by maxing out Horde classes. Stuff like that.

I feel like alternative Announcers are much easier to add than full on characters and it’s possible, I think Halo Reach did something like this. Thoughts?

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I have a feeling they may add new lines over time just to make sure things don’t get too stale, but I could see them adding new characters to swap in. Now that the functionality’s there, they just need the content.

What? Niles? You can’t be serious…

Wait Niles???..Since when?

I’d take a damn ticker as the announcer over Niles.

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I agree Buster
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Now that I’ve calmed down…slightly…

That’s a good idea, Buster, and yes it’s very easy to do as it would literally be a copy and paste of Myrrah from previous Gears (which one I’m not sure, she is gradually losing her cool as they go on).

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Liking this idea.

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Yeah thank you.

Plus yeah, another post on here, it pointed out that Niles was the Swarm announcer in the MP Reveal this weekend.

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I know, I replied on it. So disappointed.

How so? Because it’s not Myrrah I’d assume? Well then let’s hope they take this idea.

I say they just import the announcers from previous games… the new ones sound nowhere near as good as Hoffman & Prescott.

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Yes, you nailed it. Makes me feel queasy at the very thought of it.

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Due in part to this thread and playing Gears 3 daily I went on YT earlier and found many of the characters quotes and end of round/match announcers from the original games.

They were and are bloody brilliant.


The old announcers were much better and had more soul.

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THIS IS PURE GENIOUS , just imagine all that people wanting Hoffman back!

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A character we’d enjoy, rather than Jinn and Niles. I found Niles annoying in 2 and Jinn annoying in 4, and now they’re announcers…

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I sincerely think that Marcus should’ve been announcer for 5. Jinn might be the damn president , but Marcus is the major leader , since we’re not getting Hoffman back.
Problem is , Marcus is supposed to be a naturally introverse and stoic person , according to the lore. Definitly not suit for an announcer.

Gears 1 Myrrah. Her voice is just perfect in this one, almost echoing. Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing in all the games but there’s just something about the original.

“The slave pits need bodies… Continue thus, and join them!”

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Her voice in gears 1 sounded slightly inhuman if you listened closely which gave the impression that she must’ve been a huge monstrous queen but I guess this was before Epic Games decided to make her human in the sequels.