Animation gets stuck in the melee coming out of respawn

Any one else have an issue where at times coming out of Respawn if you accidentally press the melee button your character gets stuck in the melee animation? Its very very annoying. Only way I know how to stop it is get killed. Its not a one off fluke as it has happened to me a bunch of times. Anyone else?

I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally hit melee upon spawning. Idiotic TC-induced muscle memory makes me automatically reload my weapon for the active, but never melee.

Having said that, that would be seriously annoying and shouldn’t happen. Almost as bad as becoming the Silver Surfer.

Haven’t had that. But forever, i’ll type something in the chat box and then hit ‘b’ to backout of the box, and the character will get stuck in the melee animation. Over and over and over again knifing away. My technique to break out of it is to rapidly spam all buttons and sticks. It works after a bit, but the method has me scratching my head as to what i actually pressed to unstuck it.

@jamwater honestly , I think its melee that I press…but im not even 100% sure what im even doing that causes it. But damn is it annoying. Nice to know there is a solution to fixing it. Got it…random presses of anything and everything. Ive tried it, but never been able to find the correct configuration. I usually just melee myself up to someone and give them a free kill.