Anger over the Enforcer..why?


(hilbert66) #82

Anyone can play with enforcer it isnt difficult… more difficult to play with gnasher thats why peoples use that…
I think do not deserve diamond rank…
az alap fegyverek a kezdetek ota a gnasher lancer smoke end snub… i dont know why can instead of gnasher…
if i’m a developer I’d put same like a boltok…

(xFribbo) #83

I do like the enforcer as a weapon, but from my experience people who lack skill with the Gnasher tend to only use it.

I’ve played games where it’s the only gun they use.

I don’t have a problem with that, but the one thing I hate is when the whole team starts using it. The game just gets unplayable, it’s like playing KOTH on Raven Down and the whole enemy team sets up and get their lancers out; impossible to get anywhere near the ring.


The people who get killed by the Enforcer are just babies. It’s in the game for a reason.

(Stoic Slab) #85

To kill infants? Good lord!


That’s a new level of A-Holeness Tony!


You got me on that one Stoic

(xFribbo) #88

That’s why I don’t really make a big deal out of it. They implemented into the new era of the game, they won’t get removed because someone is constantly complaining about it.


Will it be in Gears 5? Who knows right now. I can see them removing it honestly like they have with previous weapons.

(Stoic Slab) #90

Its a safety hazard with too many sharp edges - kids could trip and poke an eye out.

(xFribbo) #91

I don’t its a part of the cog it’s a weapon deebees use, why are they going to remove because a few people get triggered enough to complain about it.


Well wasn’t the sawed off part of the cog too? I mean I get it, Epic made it not TC. We will have to wait and see at this point.

(xFribbo) #93

Good point, I see the sawed off as more of a survival weapon, based on Gears 3 but thinking about that it got put into Judgment as well. I guess time will tell.

(Omen LP) #94

My favorite Enforcer-related situation is using a retro against an enforcer, just far away that the enforcer is just giving you a bad sun burn :wink:
And then retro charging the downed enforcer player …

It’s one of the weapons to choose from, that’s all… I have no negative thoughts about it, but do enjoy engaging them from just a little too far away for enforcer’s use with a lancer, retro, or boltok… Gives me a “you wanna use it, then LEARN IT” feeling about the other player :wink:

And when I get caught by it and die, I don’t rage, I just go “ok, fair enough, you got me”: like a planted nade, need to pay more attention…


What’s even more fun is beating a Enforcer with a Gnasher,then going on global and saying “Watch out everyone! Its a noob with an Enforcer!”

That trolls just about everyone.

(Omen LP) #96

:wink: haha, good one

(Keala89) #97

That’s just sad. People actually apologizing to triggered gnasher-whores who were offended that someone would use an in-game starter weapon.

(Keala89) #98

Not sure how, since beating an enforcer with a gnasher is one of the easiest things anyone can do. Especially since most enforcers have to be reloaded mid-battle as a majority of the bullets will miss, leaving them wide open for attack, whereas the gnasher downs in just two hits. Also it’s the most likely outcome between the two weapons when faced off against each other.

So bragging that you killed an enforcer with a gnasher is like bragging that you killed a close up lancer with a gnasher.

It’s not an accomplishment to which anyone should be impressed.


If that were true, then the Enforcer wouldn’t be an issue.:rofl:

Of course not, but who cares? it ticks off your opponent, which gets them off their game. its wonderful😂

(xHySt3rIa v2x) #100

Funny enough i came up against a very co ordinated party of 5 yesterday all using enforcers was annoying to say the least as we lost miserably

(Keala89) #101

So you telling me that beating someone 1v1 with a gnasher while they have an enforcer is an issue? That says more about the person with the gnasher than it ever will about the one with the enforcer.