Anger over the Enforcer..why?


(Scyfeur) #61

Naw i like the enforcers, i run through anyone who uses it, people just arent ready for it cause its not used as much. But a good player in war doesnt complain about guns, just runs through anything he sees. Keep the gun in the game, cause in fact i run through smg users easier because it just shows how desparate and pathetic theyre getting and makes me stronger cause i time their death between their reloads

(ANDROIDguy) #62


It piss off them and they lose their control and then most funny thing happens

they try enforcer and fails :D:D:D:D:D

(Mayhem64) #63

Because if you get the drop with the Enforcer, the opponent should only have enough time for one shotgun at you before you put them down, especially if they think they can bullet sponge your shotgun as they rush in. Then I swap to Gnasher, check no one is stalking me, and then finish them off.


This reminds me of how many people cried in Gears 1 MP. The lancer Chainsaw is part of the game. People would complain about it being a cheap way for a kill. Well guess what, if it’s in the game, it’s acceptable to use. Just like the sawed off. People complained about that but hey, it was in the game and a usable weapon.

(steroidkakrot) #65

The enforcer is straight situational especially on core. I used to main it but, I would rather just use other power weapons provided on the map.Like the good ole boltok that no one ever picks up.

(Omen LP) #66

Lol, I remember the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there is an exchange between Bill Turner and Jack Sparrow, something like

Bill: You didn’t beat me, you cheated, changed the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I’d kill you.
Jack: that’s hardly an incentive for me to fight fair, then, is it?

Gnasher users who complain about Enforcer are like Billy here, haha… They complain about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which puts their gnasher style at a disadvantage… Not just enforcers… Lancers, OMG, how much hate mail I get about lancers… OR retro lancers…

I just laugh and i send them a link to this video: Clutch Chris talking about hate when using non-gnshers.

(Keala89) #67

I wish they brought the sawed-off back.

(BlueDarkWolf65) #68

Well I personally don’t have a problem with that weapon unless someone is spamming it or starts spamming it mid match or end of match (like lancering). What makes me hate it is the damage it causes. I once did a ranked TDM match and the whole enemy team used enforcer. I was positive but lost anyway. I don’t usually rage but I kinda did on that match lol. I wallbounce killed one guy and get enforcer downed by 3 other people. Not once did they use the gnasher. I’ve had quite a few matches like this. I wasn’t sure about their skill w/ the gnasher but it obviously wasn’t good so I think it’s safe to think they had no skill except w/ pretty much the most op weapon in the game. Only time I would use it is in Guardian but I barely use it then anyway.
Edit: I get there’s other weapons than the gnasher but when you spam that weapon it’s kinda not fun. Should be a good balance between gnasher and other weapons in the game.

(Ektope) #69

They may have been trying to play ranged.
Going close quarters with Gnashers also risks getting killed, and some people might wanna protect their precious K/D ratio.
It’s also a good bait as well, to make it harder for opponents to approach with Gnashers.

(o0 Lodger 0o) #70

I don’t use it unless its to get an achievement but I don’t care one way or the other about the enforcer. I have been playing gears since it first came out. This post reminds me about when the retro came out in gears 3. People up in arms. Less said about the sawnoff shotgun the better though.

(BlueDarkWolf65) #71

True. But it doesn’t make sense because people try to protect their K/D in KOTH since it’s an objective based mode. But it’s true, people care way too much about their K/D sometimes. Kinda sad sometimes. But it is good for bait :+1:

(lnSaNe ShoTZz) #73

im a big gears fun… howver… movies/games… hold on because im getting hurt for what im going to say… but… they should end after the third… most movies/games always end up being weird after the “final game” such a gears 3… lets be honest transformers sucks ■■■ now… halo has been sucking booty buttcrack… movies AND games usually go downhill after the original trilogy ends… but got dayum

they always have issues afte the third… idk everythin they do from now on doesnt feel like gears and were always left with “what makes a gears game” the developers and even gears fans are cofused… everyone wants the games to be different from one another… everyone has a different idea of what makes a gears game… some want it to be exactly thr wsame and some want it to be something new and different…

usually whatever TC decides theirs going to be half good reviews and half bad… nothing exciting however… i would like to see a penilum wars type game after we finish TC’s gears games. something fresh and undone.

but face it guys we will never see a AMAZING gears game unless they take a longggg time to make it but i do have high hopes for gears 5… we shalll see

(iNk Primus) #74

if someone rages over your enforcer, tell em “imagine what i could do to you with a hammerburst”

(Omen LP) #75

Anything which interferes with their ability to run up to your face and gib you with a gnasher is something that needs to be removed, nerfed, made fun of, raged about, etc, etc.

Makes me laugh.

You know what LP in my GT stands for? “Lancer *****” :wink:

I like long range too much to trade the lancer for an enforcer, but without that, I’d use it… Love the hate mail :wink:

(Keala89) #76

So do I. Unfortunately the lancer doesnt to **** to stop people from running right up to you and killing you with a gnasher. I cant tell you how many time people have ran straight at me through my lancer fire like superman only to kill me.

They cant do that against an enforcer.

(OneButtNugget) #77

Last time i checked in gears 1, it had more weapons than the gnasher.

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(Ashley Minx) #79

Weird I get hate mail, teabagged and beat downs for being good for a deaf player.
I just ignore them and teabag, beatdown them back until they quit lol

(Me0wMix CatFood) #80

Teammate of mine beat down a player for using enforcer today and the player messaged him, “Sorry, I switched by accident.”
That’s the rep the enforcer has, people apologize for using it.

(xHySt3rIa v2x) #81

After reading alot of threads and comments about the enforcer recently i decided to use this last night and i can tell you it does work if you would like to receive angry hate mail in the old inbox