Anger over the Enforcer..why?


(PorkbumTheBrave) #41

Its because it’s seen as a noob weapon. Think of it as the sawed off from gears 3 and how much people hated that weapon. To be fair though most of the rifles/sub machine guns feel op in this game.

(Ektope) #42

Earlier, I decided to come on Social Quickplay for a bit because I couldn’t find a single Ranked TDM or Ranked KOTH for odd reasons.
So I was doing okay on Foundation KOTH in Social, mainly everyone using Rifles, Power Weapons, Grenades or Gnashers.
At one point, someone whipped out their Enforcer and got me down…
How did I feel? I just laughed… and they also danced over corpse…
Maybe they weren’t doing so well with Gnashers, I don’t know.


My experience was far different. Got lots of hate mail and in-game call outs about the retro and plenty of experiences from people in party chat disdainful of it. Hammerburst was considered a skilled weapon and didn’t get anywhere near the same hate. Sawed off was hated on heavily in beta and launch but a few updates nerfed it slightly making it more balanced imo though people still complained about it.

I see nothing wrong with the enforcer. I think they balanced it well. It’s a casual friendly weapon that is forgiving on aim and can help reduce the skill gap but isn’t OP.

(SoloStarling623) #44

Enforcers take no skill is why, but they’re only in core, so who cares. When you’re close enough to use the enforcer, you’re close enough to break out the gnasher, so why go enforcer?

(SoloStarling623) #45

When diamonds pull it out it’s because of the lag. they’re trying to compensate for marshmellow birdshot.

(ll R E D l) #46

I think the reload on the enforcer is ridiculous thats my only problem. Theres not need to get an active on the enforcer. If you connect 75% on the first clip then the half of second it takes to get a reload you got yourself a kill.

(OneButtNugget) #47

I only use the enforcer to ruin somebody’s mental health, lol.

(Stoic Slab) #48

The enforcer was a mistake, as was the Sawed-off, the snub, and the Lancer for that matter. I specifically remember back in Gears 1 when it only had the Gnasher - such good times they were. But when they started having more then one weapon in the game, the series went down hill from there.

The final encounter with RAAM was much more emotional when he signaled Marcus to engage in a gnasher duel, then they take turns blasting each other while Dom lured the kryll.

I look forward to when TC realizes this and fixes their’s and EPIC’s mistake in Gears 5.

(Ektope) #49

It’s because Enforcer works effectively even at a slightly further range from Gnasher.

(RINZLER 2849) #50

I’ve used it in several situations…

A. My first battle of the game I get downed and get snubbed. Then i use the enforcer to return the favor to the ahole.

B. Same thing but I get gibbed and then t-bagged.

C. When the lag is so bad that the sponging and point blank misses are outa hand. BUT even then it doesn’t usually help too much because I’ll hit for 99% in 14 hits with the enforcer and still get gibbed.

(Saber Skywalker) #51

I play2win
I use enforcer
Why? You all know why
Gnasher jus doesn’t work far too often
Plus as someone above said
'Ppl rush you knowing their sponges
I like to make those ppl think again
They don’t haha, more easy enforcer kills4me

(mizzelphug) #52

When people rage out over something that is part of the game it makes me laugh. It’s part of the game designed to be a tool at your disposal so use it or don’t; It doesn’t matter to me.

I always got the “■■■■ lancero” messages in Gears 3 when players were trying to snipe me with a gnasher from 100yards. That’s when I got into the habit of blocking people the second I got into a match just to avoid the pointless messages.

Reminds me of playing StreetFighter2 in the early 90s at the arcade and this kid kept popping his quarter up to play me. I wasn’t particularly good at the game but I kept beating him with Blanka over and over. He probably lost $5. He was raging and yelling at me saying, “THAT’S all you do! THAT’S ALL YOU DO!”

I was laughing because I used the only two specials moves along with each of the 6 buttons possible depending on his approach, and said, “Dude, that’s all I CAN do.” He started crying, punched the arcade cabinet, and stormed off. Seeing rage quitters in person was so much more satisfying back then.

(Saber Skywalker) #53

As an added point, most ppl who use enforcer trade off with their lancer, this means that bar the snub they’re effective useful range has been drastically reduced
Enforcer is great at shotty ranges, a lil further away it’s still very very good, a few steps past this then the upper hand goes back to lancer BIGTIME
Sure that’s still not great for someone hellbent on keeping their gnasher only stance but it’s nobody else’s fault that they have the upper hand at range but still push to close
I love gnasher as much as the next guy, if it worked consistently an there was a gnasher only set of playlists I’d be found there 90% of the time but alas, I play the cards I’m dealt

(itzz420popshotz) #54

so what can you guys think of a way to tune the weapon which will be balanced properly?

(Relax Mxte) #55

I don’t care for the weapon, it’s the fact you can spawn in with the weapon that I don’t like. The fact that a lot people say “Oh I use it after x happens” shows the reliance on it as a crutch because you’re getting outplayed with Gnasher.

(ll R E D l) #56

For me the whole thing that brought me to Gears 1 in the first place was that EVERYONE started with the same weapons unlike most 1st person shooters where you get better weapons the higher your level. So adding in new weapons to the load out takes away from this as each different weapon has its advantages over another

(sancris777) #57

Honestly, it’s like people just charge at the enforcer without even trying…

(Junglist Shoota) #58

This game has rock paper scissor elements as most shooters do. If you only play rock… Too bad for you. Stop whining.

(Keala89) #59

The reason why people hate it so much is because it’s a different starting weapon that can counter all the gnasher whores.

Those guys hate the fact that they can be punished for bumrushing someone and get their ■■■ handed to them by a starting weapon that’s not another gnasher. But the thing is that a majority of the time, enforcer users will not be able to down and kill an enemy in the same clip. They will more than likely have to reload, which leaves themselves open to attacks from behind, or more often, the downed guy getting revived and now having backup.

Not everyone is good with a gnasher; they may be better with an enforcer as their “close quarters” weapon of choice. And more times than not, you will often get double teamed by people using gnashers. There is no way an enforcer will be able to do any damage, let alone get kills, in a 2v1 situation. One hit from each of the gnashers and he’s a goner. Even at range, the gnasher does more damage to an enforcer user than the other way around.

The enforcer was added as a way to combat the gnasher, especially if you werent good with the gnasher yourself. The fact that people will get so mad over ONE PERSON using an enforcer (a weak mid-range weapon that’s only good up close if you’re lucky enough to land the shots) more than they would over an entire team of wallbouncing gnasher-only tryhards, or an entire team that solely uses lancers tells you that they are just butthurt gnasher whores that hate that there’s a different starting weapon that can take them down.

The best part is when they kill you with a gnasher and celebrate/t-bag as if it’s some great accomplishment that they were able to take out an enforcer with a gnasher. Lol it’s not.


lol! Well said. Completely agree.