Anger over the Enforcer..why?


(Al Bundy 33hero) #21

IDK why you’ve personalized everything I’ve said (I didn’t say a single thing about you up until this point) but all this projecting you’re doing about me being emotional… well, I think “Thou doth protest too much”…

For someone who doesn’t care, you are straight triggered about other people’s feeling and thoughts. :smile:
Let it go.

(NUBinbound) #22

i never personalized anything you said though i’m just using examples and you even got the phrase wrong (nvm you edited it)

but i see what you’re TRYING to do and to be fair i havent called anyone trash like you did for using a weapon in the game i dont think you know what being “triggered” is

keep trying though and lets see how how far you can get before you run out of unique dialogue to say,oh wait you already did (edit) you’re still replying to ME so you must also want to prove something

(Al Bundy 33hero) #23

Let it go. I’m not even bothering to read at this point because I don’t get emotional about this stuff like you do. But I keep getting the pop-ups telling me I’ve been quoted.
Let it go.

(NUBinbound) #24

people will find any excuse under the sun as to why they’re dying/losing to beat the enforcer all you really need to do is not get close to them and lancer them down OR wait for them to get close while you’re in cover since they obviously wont be able to gib you instantly

(NUBinbound) #25

lol i guess we know who wasnt on the debate team in highschool if you think just because someone disagrees with you they’re “triggered” or “emotional” you must have been the type of person who just goes off the rails at the slightest inconvenience because you’ve clearly failed in trying to prove whatever point it is you thought you had

also it looks like you ran out of new things to say so i guess thats too bad because i always enjoy when people cant back up their opinions with riveting facts

but hey man to quote a totally average person i know it’d probably be best to let it go since you’re the type of person to just spout their opinion without giving in rhyme or reason as to why it is such

(Ranger8040) #26

It’s strange how much toxicity the weapon can cause once it’s used. I never saw people complain (In game) about the Retro Lancer in Gears 3.

(JITheThunder) #27


I personally see it as cheap play if you are using enforcer. And only lower skilled player use it who are scared from opponents.

It counters gansher very well because its a close range gun with high bullet frequency which people don’t like.

How will it feel you do above 90% damage with ganasher to your opponent while you are good in all moves and you get downed by enforcer and then kicked out?

Edit : If you go in competitive playlist (escalation), you will not have option to select enforcer.

(Ranger8040) #28

“Only lower skilled players use it”

I don’t think that’s true, like, at all.

(NUBinbound) #29

enforcer is a huge load of BS i agree i only use it against people who are being toxic so i can tilt them off the planet you can look at my achievements and see i dont even have the “enforcer mastery” that’s how little i actually use it

(NUBinbound) #30

it’s not, enforcer is hated because pros hate it if in san diego for example the pros all started using enforcer it’d suddenly be a “good” weapon esports these days constitute everything to it’s respective game be that the meta or opinions on certain items

(Ranger8040) #31

Man I never expected this to gain any attention whatsoever. I don’t get why people hate it so much lol

(WrinklyHornet34) #32

Never really used it and not because of hate just never went for it but have been hit with it a few times and honestly there was no hate for it. The weapon is there to be used so use it and any hate received after is on the players who sent it and them alone and no one else. Can’t really win in a VS when it comes to how the game should be played as to how it is played.

(sancris777) #33

I get why people hate it…i mean its only because its not the gnasher, really… but that doesn’t mean i don’t have the right to use it if i so choose too. I mean they may say its OP but tbh i think the gnasher is far more OP it’s just that the enforcer is different so people get mad when they die by it

(Ranger8040) #34

Out of all the responses I’ve seen, I’d have to say yours makes the most sense. I get that the Gnasher and Lancer are the most used weapons of the series, but what’s the deal if I decide to use a weapon the developers intended us to use? Gears 3 had the Retro and Hammerburst in the load outs, and I barely here any complaints (In game) about them. I never got hatemail there. Why Gears 4?

(NUBinbound) #35

i think part of it also is because the reload time on the enforcer is hella short so you can suppress someone for a good length of time


I honestly don’t get this whole debate about the Enforcer. Come on guys. It’s an option, there is no reason why people should get called out for doing something that is in no way or form illegal or cheating.
And here’s the thing, the Enforcer has such a small clip, that if you can just wall bounce or just keep your distance just long enough for them to run out, then they are dead meat lol.
The Gnasher is by far a much more powerful weapon, and I honestly get much more ticked at the players that all just gather together and Lance every moving thing within their sights.

(DarkChaoz95) #37

Pepple will simply comain on everything that isnt the gnasher imo

I prefer using variety of weapons depending on the circumstances.

I personally find enforcer fun to use.

(Bleeding Pepper) #38

I think it’s a reflection of how snobby some fans are. The Gnasher has become the main weapon. The perception is if you don’t use the Gnasher then you’re rubbish and the Gnasher is the only measure of “skill”.

I say screw these people. If it’s in the game, it’s legit to use. If you can make these snobs cry in the process then even better!

(Mayhem64) #39

Yes, it was whiny try-hards who complained the Hammerburst was overpowered (it isn’t) and got it removed from the starting load out. I’ve used the Enforcer when people seem to just rush up, either because they are dumb, or because they know they bullet sponge to get close to gib you.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #40

I think his point is that people who lose their shotty fights are more inclined to resort to enforcers. I see this a LOT. Mostly with diamond level players for some reason. I guess that’s because they’re more resourceful and adaptive.

I feel grimey when I use it so I just stopped all together.