Anger over the Enforcer..why?

I like to use the Enforcer every now and then, but why is it whenever I do people constantly send hate mail and T-Bag? Is the Enforcer hated that much?

Man I never expected this to gain any attention, but I have to add something. I enjoy using the Gnasher just as much as the next guy, but sometimes using the Enforcer just seems like the right call. Few weeks ago I had numerous people harassing me over such a simple thing. Like, what’s the deal?


I have to admit, I have no respect for Enforcer users. Sorry guys. It’s just so cheap when you’re at that range, It would be like going to engage someone in a fist fight, man to man, and he pulls out mace and sprays you instead.

I will never send rage mail, If you outplay me, good on ya. But, I will go out of my way to mock Enforcer users as that gun just ruins some of the most fun aspects of the game. Working cover battles or getting in a wallbounce battle can be really exciting. Having someone spray Enforcer from around cover is so cheap and ruins the flow of the game.


No love at all for the weapon here.


It’s a spam weapon that ruins shotgun fights. Shotgun fights are the most beloved thing about Gears, so it makes sense that people get mad at it.


I love the enforcer and the fact that people wanna throw temper tantrums over it makes me laugh and in fact makes me only use the enforcer that much more. :rofl:


i use the enforcer only to tilt people and mine for salt because it’s just so funny to me that people can get that mad at a video game


It’s the same old story, the Gears “purists” get mad at you if you don’t play the game the way they expect you to. The truth is the Enforcer isn’t that bad. It’s DESIGNED to counter the gnasher to give players a wider range of playstyles and strategies, which a chunk of the playerbase either don’t understand, or just don’t care for.

For me it’s situational. If I’m playing on a map with areas you can trap or catch enemies by surprise with the Enforcer then I might use it, but it’s pretty useless on larger, more open maps. Even on maps where you can take advantage of the Enforcer, the clip still runs out very quickly, leaving you open, and smoke grenades can flush you out of your spot. It’s not rocket science to counter it.

As for people throwing tantrums or mocking you or sending hate messages, just smile and brush it off.


Interesting that people say they use it to elicit an emotional reaction. That mindset would imply that you’re already an emotional video gamer who is trying to get others to be angry just like you. I never go into a match thinking, “How can I get people triggered?”
My idea of fun is about my own performance, not seeing how upset I can make others.


it’s almost like there’s a social playlist for trolling around isnt there

Social is becoming a more legitimate place now that ranked matches are getting harder to find. There’s still a lot of trash that hang out there but they tend to get spanked hard when they try tbagging good players and there’s more and more good players going into Social just to get some kind of matches in.

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social is easy and fun because you can just do whatever and mess around without worrying about your rank dropping but there are still a lot of people who get super angry even in social where nothing is on the line

They should make a troll playlist and fill it with dbs and enforcer and any other weapon people hate.

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I do smile but i am also kind enough to report for harassment/trash talking and adding them to my block list :+1:

I don’t like the enforcer at all either. I don’t get mad about it too often. Once one comes out they will kill me a few times with it and then I adjust my play style a little and they drop like flies. Now, when it’s 2 or 3 enforcers at once, that’s when it gets real frustrating and I have to go completely lancer. I wish it was a pick up weapon. It’s much more manageable.


I’ve never really experienced getting attacked by more than 1 person with an enforcer personally. for me that always happens with the lancer instead and the funny thing is that someone cursed at me for using the enforcer and in the same match i got gunned down by 3 people camping with the lancer and i pointed that out to the guy that got mad and his response was “shut the f*ck up”…

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Some people are actually there to play the game, even if it’s just casual fun, without having a troll war. I don’t hang out with trash people in real life and I don’t care to hang out with trolls in video games.

If you feel different, whatevs. I’m not trying to change you or your mind so I don’t know why you feel you have to keep replying.


I’ve seen it a lot, esp in KOTH where several people just spray Enforcer on anyone getting near the hill. The girls I play with run enforcers on certain maps and two of them will camp opposite corners and pop out with the enforcers.
They often call me over to get revenge on someone who is giving them the long beat-down and I just tell them, “You know people are gonna rage when you do that ****.”
It’s embarrassing for me but I understand why they do it, because they are often placed in lobbies with players who are ranked WAY past them and they simply can’t hang in gnasher fights.


thats fine because i have friends who i like to mess around with calling someone a “trash” person just because they have fun differently in a game says a lot more about you than it does about anyone else
thats like getting mad at someone who doesnt like lettuce on their burger and saying they’re a terrible person

people make their own fun in video games otherwise it’ll get too boring i could call people who only use gnasher a trash person but i wont because thats how THEY have fun

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it’s that mentality that i dont like about gears more people get mad about the enforcer than they do about 2-3 people posting up with their lancers because since thats what they do in esports it’s more accepted

i bet if more pros used the enforcer people would say it’s ok as well

Its not like using the enforcer is hacking or somehow cheating…yet apparently its okay to call peopel that use the enforcer every name in the dictionary and tea bag them and beatdown them the entire time which is why i say I’ll continue to use the enforcer even if toxic players will continue to be toxic even more

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