And hordamania where is?

I just finished a whole game but when I finished the wave 25 I see a sign “waiting for the other players” and never loaded, so I left the game completely, I start and go to horde, but hordamania is no longer, I appears simple horde (casual) and down wild horde, which is this ??

Yeah horde Mania just vanished. Feral horde is there but the only difficulty available for it is hardcore. BRING BACK MANIA!


And why have they removed it? And wild horde is the same as hordamania? Because it says it lasts 45 mins not 60 mins, I’m very confused xd.

Then hordamania in normal difficulty or madness no longer exists?

No idea why they removed Mania. I can only guess it was removed because the blood omen skins ran their course and where on some sort of time frame. In feral there is the 30 second wait between waves and in Mania there is the 2 to 3 second between waves thats about the only difference I noticed but I could be wrong and feel free to correct if that is the case.

Anyone know if its 25 waves or 50 waves? Have not had a chance to take a run at it.

Edit: Its probably 25 since it says 45 mins.

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It’s 50, just finished a run . I thought it was a 25 wave variant​:cry::cry::cry:

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Thanks. I would have more than likely run in with a 1 to 20 bounty because it said 45 minutes and assumed that is 1 to 25 time. Its a shame its only on Hardcore.

That’s exactly what I did, thought it would be 25 waves of insane.

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I recall many asking for events to be featured at Hardcore difficulty a while back. But 50 waves with full 30s between… Yuck.

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@anon86589457, @TC_Octus.

Care to explain?

Found nothing on twitter.

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50 waves in 45 mins is possible??

Not even in a speed run I don’t think.

If it is Hardcore believe me is not 45 min from 1 to 50 with 30 seconds between waves … gotta be only 1 to 25!

Tried it 3 times (public) and 3 times everyone left after wave 25. Easy enough to complete but after Mania its a real downer because its only available at Hardcore.

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I won’t do it. Go back is not what I have in mind.

Instead, I tried lfg for a 25 INCONCEIVABLE … Damn.

Got major reinforcements, @Ektope and Kait Diaz 1. But the other two were 1) re up 6 scout, who said “fine” when I asked if he could make it. He was dropped on the 3 waves we finished. 2) re up 8 or 9 sniper who during the game told me he doesn’t play horde. 1 and 2 quit.

I guess I’ll try public 50 incon from tomorrow on…

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I was hoping you could carry me through 25 waves on insane so I could unlock incon lol

We can go insane 50, no problemo!

25 unlocks incon?

Don’t rush to incon, it’s hell.

Maybe Friday night. I can pound some redbull and stay up lol.

It was more of a see what its like compared to the first time Feral Horde came around but with level 6 cards across the board I was unstoppable even as the scout. I am going to give this one a big miss and just call for BRING BACK HORDE MANIA!

Ektope and Kait Diaz 1 are solid players. Great players to have as reinforcments. “re up 8 or 9 sniper who during the game told me he doesn’t play horde” that annoys me the most when a player comes in looking solid and goes oh yeah forgot to metion I never played before.

I went back to incon myself because Mania is the variant to beat right now and Feral does not even comes close.


J[quote=“mendigo2005, post:9, topic:6593, full:true”]
@anon86589457, @TC_Octus.

Care to explain?

Found nothing on twitter.

Just to answer your question on why Horde Mania disappeared, it was up since July 23rd and was planned to be taken away on August 3rd but this was extended to August 13th. See whats up - Aug 2 article here.

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Ok, taken away.

So they remove normal and insane 25 and put what, the middle ground?


Look what’s up quote:

Good news Horde fans, we’re extending how long you have to collect the Horde Maniua Midnight Omen Skin Boss Loot! You’ll continue to find the Midnight Omen Snub, Longshot, Retro or Torque Bow as Wave 20 or 25 Boss Loot until August 13th."

Says about loot ending, not Mania.

This situation seems to be an error.