Ancors like this glitch..why not =)

Bullet chain card supposed to be gold but here is purple and can be obtained more easily… I liked this glitch, fault or whatever this change is :innocent::sweat_smile:

The bullet chain card is purple. In your class setup it shows as gold but if you were to buy it it only cost 1k per card. Lahni has the same glitch. It’s meant to be a purple card not gold. Another TC stuff up. When it drops it comes up as purple as it’s meant to be.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow::hugs: I didn’t know that… thanks

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No problem mate.

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The only good thing about it is that it costs 1,000 GC. The bad thing is that Legendary is easier to earn and that isn’t a Legendary.


Legendary is far easier then ever before now too with dailies giving golds as well :frowning: poor coalition is not very understanding of their game somehow. Not to say they’re not working hard however.


I’ll send this over, from what I can see the main card is indeed meant to show as “Epic” but the level variants appear to be marked as “Legendary”.

Will send this over to be sorted!

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Which Lahni card do you know?

Blade Dancer - it appears as a legendary in your inventory, but when you get one it appears as an epic in the post-match screen,

Also as an FYI, I have never received Blade Dancer or Bullet Chain when gauranteed legendary cards were a reward, which leads me to suspect they are coded as epic drops.

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Thank you kindly! Just checked and yeah seems to be the same, sent over!

If you’ve never received them its likely because the main card you are granted is given as “Epic” quality, which would indeed tie in with the legendary drop for them not working.

Let’s see if we can get you sorted out!


Sorry Pepper beat me to it :grin: