Anchor's bullet chain: does it work? Does it show the extra damage?


I wasnt seeing the extra damage reflected in the damage percentages displayed next to the weapon in the top right corner of the screen, following headshot kills…

Does it work?

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It definitely works but TC didn’t think it’d be a smart idea or clearly didn’t deem it worth the effort to show players how many stacks of damage bonuses they actually got for the temporary/conditional ones.

Another thing missing that was in Gears 4(with things like the Heavy’s Berserker damage bonus or Magic Bullet for Sniper).


Hey, third time’s a charm. They’ll get it right with Gears 6. Along with Lv6 cards and scrapping at launch.

Jk, it’s TC.

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It’s crazy isn’t it?..That we still don’t have scrapping yet.:pensive:smh I would love to scrap some hundreds of duplicates I have for some gears coins.

I don’t care about scrapping anymore, my classes are maxed out and I couldn’t care less for coin-skins.

Would rather TC spends their time on more hives.

Bro, that’s kind of a selfish way of thinking. Not everyone has all their classes maxed out. Coins are not only able to buy skins, you can also use said coins to upgrade skill cards. So scrapping would be nice for everyone.

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Did I make the impression that I care?

And that’s where you’re wrong. Hives would benefit everyone, scrapping wouldn’t :wink:

It’s difficult for me to grasp why TC removed so many features from 5 that were in 4 that added to quality of life, ease-of-use, longevity, etc.

Closing as this has been answered.