Anchor Ammo Regen vs Demo Ammo Regen

Prologue ( so to speak)

I did a Frenzy on Master on Vasgar playing as Anchor. I got this class to level 18 thought it’s time to dip my toes in Master runs.

The game went well but at the very beginning I had a bit of an argument with the host who was Demo.

After wave 1 Demo via mic asked everyone to deposit. I wrote in game chat that I need to perk my ammo regen.
To which she replied that she also needs to perk Ammo regen but she deposited so engie can build a base and lockers.

Now from what I’ve played so far as Anchor, I know this class is very tanky and self-efficient. However, I’ve never played as Demo. So my question is “ Is Ammo regen the same for both Demo and Anchor?”

I haven’t used a locker during that game and it feels kinda dumb for Anchor to deposit so engie can build a locker which will be used by another class…

Just to add as a side note - I was running out of ammo because I deposited and 1 ammo box was not enough for me ( the other ammo box was either taken or i don’t have time to run across the map to get it)

Perking up Ammo Regen helps Anchor way more than Demo because the weapons they use are different.

Perking Ammo Regen up to 8 allows the Boltok to basically have infinite ammo which is really good considering how much DPS boltok with bleed damage can do. The same cannot be said for Demo regenning explosives as the regen for explosives (which is what Demo should be using) is painfully slow in comparison. So Anchor gets a lot more out of Ammo regen than Demo does.


All that Anchor needs is Ammo Regen on lvl 5. That’s vastly different for Demo. The way the majority plays Demo, Demo requires a level 4 locker (if not two) to be efficient.
There is a way to play Demo without lockers which either relies on buying frags or dunking into ammo regen (or doing both). But that’s a slightly more complicated playstyle and requires you to use your brain.

I usually don’t tell the host I’m leveling up and simply level up the perk every 2 or so waves. Kept me settled usually.

People demanding deposits nowadays are weird… I’m fast in quitting those games.

There’s a bunch of classes that benefit from perking up right off the bat and people should start to understand that. Anchor is one of them and doesn’t require much.


What at the other classes? I’ve only leveled up Anchor, Gunner and Nomad so far. But haven’t used Nomad in Horde yet.

Anchor, Blademaster and Gunner are the common candidates.


Just wanted to chime in and say how much I love this kind of thread, newer user asks for help and extremely knowledgeable and talented players chime in to assist.


Sometimes I feel dumb for asking questions. But then think - better to ask questions than do dumb mistakes in the game lol


Agreed, and this applies to learning any new skill, as in that its better to ask a potentially dumb question and learn than to not for fear of sounding dumb.

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I guess I should mention I play 50s usually. For Frenzy I usually dunk in the first 10k and then focus everything into perks. That’s regardless of class unless the class really doesn’t require any perk (like Infiltrator) in which case I hardly perk up.
Blademaster is like the only exception that benefits from investing into two perks throughout the entire Frenzy including the first 10k.
Both Anchor and Gunner can easily get through with the remaining flowing money.


It’s not wrong to ask questions. It’s all part of you improving at the time. I spent who knows much time trying to solo escape melee only, and playing with @RelaxingKoty and @Ultra_Gnasty doing Blademaster only Horde yet I still sometimes ask them questions regarding that class.


I haven’t touched this class yet. But once I have, I’ll be back with more questions!

I’m not sure if its the same rate but Anchor benefits more from its ammo regen perk. Demo ammo regen only gives a boom or gl like every minute i think. It’s useful but a locker is just way better. Especially with robot expert’s Overclock but I dont see alot of randoms playing RE, they usually play Mechanic for quick and cheap building.

Anchor’s level 10 ammo regen will allow you regen boltok ammo faster than you can shoot it which is why it’s so good.

A thing you can do to hide your perking from hosts is to do this : activate a voice emote and while your character is talking buy your perks. Usually when you buy a perk your character will say something unique to buying it so using a voice emote will mask it.


I’ve seen your vids and they are awesome!
If you are still learning some things in this game, I have a long way ahead of me. Any advice is appreciated!


Don’t. Nothing wrong with asking questions no matter the skill level. I didnt know how to play Brawler on master horde until @SMARTAN_427 and @SNAKEYWAKEY389 taught me everything I needed to know. Now I know Brawler can destroy on master.

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Oh I watched @SMARTAN_427 vid about Nomad. It was one of the best tutorials I’ve seen on that class.
That was the reason I decided to start with Nomad.

Brawler is on my list, right after Blademaster.

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Easily the best class tutorial on YouTube.

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I see I’m not the only one using this trick.

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Nothing more fun than running tackle-smash-build when Triple Melee Damage is the modifier. Rips away the Wakaatu’s health on the ground before it can burry again. Shame it’s worthless.

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Lol that’s a nice trick to be sneaky!

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I dont have to do it anymore because I have a group but when I didnt and I had to play alone then I did the emote thing lol