Analysis: How Gears of War reduced the skill gap

Sat and worked on this video over the weekend. I went back and played all of the GoW games and captured them. Watched old dev videos and really sunk some time into how it felt. It wasn’t just nostalgia, sure it had it’s problems but GoW1 still felt great in 2019 and I wanted to get into WHY. I tried to include examples and facts/figures to help the developers.

If you like this vid with your friends and support me because youtube doesn’t recommend the good stuff! I knew I would forget something! I had a segment about leading bullets. Basically if a player is running, even on host in Gears of War 1 there is some leading needed to be done to hit them, mix this with fast unslowed undelayed movement, they are hard to hit. Newer gears the rifles are more akin to “hitscan” style weapons and well, that just promotes long range play.

I think this might be the last time I talk on this subject, I now have countless videos up on how the franchise changed. I think I’ve said my piece on balance. Nothing will change but I hope someone enjoyed it and maybe it inspires someone to share the video and carry on fighting my fight!


I could be mistaken, but haven’t you said this before?


This is the first time I’ve spoke on this topic and the last, specifically how the skill gap changed.
I’ve spoke about the era/time and again only once. Typically I get suggested a topic, make a video and then close the chapter on that specific area. Not GoW as a whole, hope that makes sense.

Ah ok I see

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I like your posts, but this line was incredibly cringe worthy.


Yeah poking fun at youtube recommendations, super cringy!!! urgh the cringe!!!


It comes across as you saying your content is better then everything YouTube recommends. That’s cringe.

Tooting your own horn is never appealing.

Anyway… I enjoyed the video :+1:


@Z_i_i You gonna make a video about Aliceinchainsaw?


Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to make it. I appreciated the specific examples with comparison tests. Definitely agree that the satisfaction for a well-placed shot has evaporated. Having my scope snap to each target’s head feels like cheating.


Just a watched the whole video, fair play for taking the time to make that I found it very interesting.


You need to spam that video everywhere, and get all your friends to do it to, until TC sees it.


You should watch this!



Love seeing all those Anthony Carmine’s in Gears 1 multiplayer footage, it really brings me back! Let’s hope TC doesn’t fumble with Anthony’s voice lines in Gears 5 like 4 using their cheap impersonator.

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@Z_i_i Do you hear that?

A standing ovation from all of us.

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Thanks, I was recently playing the older games and as a result found my limited edition GoW2 disc with lots of interviews, watched all 2 hours of it and thought it needed to be included. I did want to post all the discs conent, but wasn’t sure on copyright issues. I’m glad I could make a piece of content you enjoyed.

I know it’s not like generic clickbaity gameplay so it wont ever get good views but the discussion is what I enjoy the most, so if you are talking, that’s great. So if you have enjoyed it, commenting like and sharing or even tweeting would help a tonne.


Yeah unfortunately TC doesn’t acknowledge gears1-3 games anymore

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It’s a bit tongue in cheek and to stand out in a sea of millions of videos yeah sometimes you have to do a bit of self promo. Otherwise I’ll never get view when 99% of my box is “KOTH Gameplay WITH rainbow skin”. Yeah sometimes, sadly I have to toot my own horn and encourage people to click!

I can’t argue there. I’d rather see videos like yours than 90% of the tripe on YouTube

I say keep talking about it as long as it remains a topic with active discussion or debate. Otherwise nothing will be done.