Analong needs faster sensitivity settings

So sick of seeing a mouse player do a complete 180 in a fraction of the time a controller can do on max speed and sensitivity settings.

How in the hell is this fair and balanced! I’ve tested both M&K and controller, and M&k has basically the capabilities and speed of a 1st person shooter while controller is a slow mess.

TC is either catering to the loud mouth players who only play as long as they have an advantage, or to thir own bais.

The M&K community literally contradicts their own arguments. If there are plenty of M&K players then they can also support their own segregated lobbies. And if the argument changes to there aren’t as many M&K player’s then why the heck is TC supporting it in the first place if it brings down the game!

Gears is a melting pot of bad tuning, toxic payers, bad multi-player developers.

Segregate the damn lobbies TC please!!!

Amazing idea. Let’s segregate an already tiny ■■■ community into input methods now.

I use a controller on PC and still feel like this is a terrible idea. Yes they can move faster but that’s the limitations of a controller when compared to a mouse. You’d never be able to control your aim on a controller with the DPI set to that level anyway.

Console or PC – both can use a mouse and keyboard or controller. It’s your choice as to which input method you choose to use.


Sorry Blue. Typically you and I tend to fall on the same side of things but I have to disagree on this one.

As far as my post, I wasn’t addressing PC in opposition to console at all. It was strictly to M&K across all platforms and how it pertains to analog.

The community who uses mouse and key has been growing for two titles now and I don’t believe it is a tiny community any longer.

As for advantages and disadvantages; to put it in perspective you can’t let an NFL kicker pick the size and psi of the football to relate to his "preferred"method of kicking feildgoals. Regardless of advantages and disadvantages, competitive games need to have the same tools on each period.

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That’s the thing — Gears isn’t competitive as long as the matchmaking and netcode is left the way it is.

I don’t disagree their DPI speed is crazy fast but I also realize I can use the same “advantage” if I chose to.

I’m not looking to segregate the community even more though. I lose battles sometimes because of input but most of the time I’m able to hold my own against these same players. Ranked play isn’t tournament play so it’s not going to be 100% equal regardless.

I don’t have any issue with your view on this. I’m just stating mine.


I don’t think the game has the luxury of splitting the userbase any further than it already is.

for some ■■■■-ed up reason we still have a PC block in this game when it desperately needs less matchmaking obstruction

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Ana Long is insensitiv is she ?
Stick back + whatever run is(correct me if I’m wrong) says hi I, instant 180.

You can get a Elite Controller,

And do just that.

But FYI,

I’ve tried it,

And it’s nothing worth having / doing at all.

Works on Mouse,

Doesn’t work on Sticks.

The only real solution can come in Gears 6;

Input Based Matchmaking.

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Seriously though, I thought Console players can chose to not matchmake with PC ?
If you use a Gamepad on PC you are voluntarily hindering yourself, that is a choice.

Not a console vs pc issue

I get it, then the problem is irrelevant.
If you can play with mouse and keyboard and chose not to do so you are hindering yourself, there is absolute nothing their needs to be done about it.
You chose your handicap.
If everyone in the soccer tournament is offered shoes and you chose to not wear any then it is certainly not the problem of the organisator.

But anyways afaik say fortnite offers the choice to ignore lobbies not using the controller of your choice.
So adding an option to not get into lobbies which have mouse players in them is fine to me. No need to seggregate anything.
Similar to the fast matchmaking or low ping.
2 Problems first I’m not sure how the matchmaking is set up in that regard, 2nd yeah not the same player base.

GoW is literally the only game I can think of where a large portion of players use the highest possible sensitivity or close to it, the lowest sens I can even remember someone good using is like 25. There’s no reason not to allow at least like 40s — in Gow3 you could mod sensitivity and I know of multiple people playing at a high level on like 33-35s.

I agree the turn around on mouse is insane but mouse has its disadvantages too.

I haven’t run into this kind of thing often enough personally to warrant something so drastic as a split of the community.

I do get that the game should be on as level a playing field as possible and agree with that. Mouse vs controller sens is just the tip of the iceberg in that regard.

Btw I’m running 22 look sens on controller and perfectly happy with it.