An option to remove running into cover?

Seeing as how you guys added an option to remove yanking in the settings, can you add the option to remove roadie running into cover? Personally, I never run into a wall. I always just press the A button again to take cover. The amount of times I got stuck trying to run only to latch onto a wall like a crab is infuriating. So can we see this in the settings?


Wait! what? As in pulling someone over cover?

Yeah, it’s in the settings.

Does that effect competitive or is it a customs things

Also sorry kinda derailing here. In answer to your OP if they did this then why not do that.

When is the last time you seen a crab run and latch onto a wall?

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It affects all versus types and can be turned on or off.

Oh that’s gonna impact gameplay a fair bit. Any reason givin as to why they made it an option?

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I think it was glitchy for one of the control schemes. People would try to grab when they didn’t want to.

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It is so aggravating the capriciousness of when the game feels like magnetizing my butt to a wall or corner when I’ve inadvertently approached too near while roadie running.

I figured it was just my cross to bear, but I’m glad to see this post as there’s been countless times I’ve been splatted by Boomshots, Torque Bow bolts, Dropshots (just the worst with their own magnetism) or the more mobile bosses, while I’m trying to get said butt into safety. Run run run, FWOOMP, my butt’s on the wall/corner, and here comes the inevitable kill shot/Matriarch stomp, ugh.

It makes me really not like to use the CQC classes honestly.

Is it honestly my controller? Do the new Elites not have this issue, or the better 3rd party controllers?


The rationale was the condition which players running to revive a downed teammate near enough to a piece of cover with an enemy opposite, that when they hit X, it will kick off the Yank of the enemy over the cover, instead of kicking off the Revive.


This is why i switched to using classic alt. The controls for running and cover are different.

I was tired of getting sucked into cover running around as a gow4 scout.