An Old Gear Returns

Hello Gearsfans, community managers and The Coalition.

My name is KayODave. Some of you may recognize that name, I was once an active member of the old Gears of War forums from when Epic ran things. Lotta great memories from that time. I unfortunately have missed out on a lot of recent Gears history but now that I have a PC I can play Gears once again!

I just wanted to (re)introduce myself here and familiarize myself with the community. I’ve been enjoying Gears 5 a tonne and I hope to get more enjoyment out of participating in this community once again. A big thanks to Rod and the rest of The Coalition for keeping this game going!

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Welcome back :slight_smile:


Rod is gone, he is working on Diablo now.

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Oh really? That’s unfortunate to hear. When did he leave?

Feb this year.

A lot of the top people have left since launch, including the lead producer, multiplayer director, senior community manager.

They have been replacted by people who have made a major positive impact on turning this game around in the eyes of the community. The game appears to be in very good hands currently :slight_smile:


Well that’s great to hear! I’m glad the game is healthy and improving!

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Welcome back, came just in time too.

Welcome back game bro

Welcome (back) to the forums, it’s nice to see a positive attitude every one in a while.

I partly agree with this comment, thanks to the ones currently working at TC because we’ve seen some major positive changes compared to the poor state the game was released, but thanks to Rod? the guy that was an inch away of ruining Gears? F**k No! Let’s just say that Gears is in a better place now that he has left (and the changes were evident shortly after). I can only hope he doesn’t ruin Diablo.

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They need to bring the entire franchise to steam like with Steam, maybe even add new stuff never before like mcc. I will glady pay 50-60 AUD for a collection of 1 to judgement.