An issue that needs addressing for oldschool players

So I’ve played gears all my life since the launch in 06, went through every gears and played them all significantly, but I have played gears1 and Gears UE way more than any other gears. The problem I’m getting at, is because I have put so many ■■■■■■■ hours into gow1 and gow UE my brain is finely tuned to centre screen aiming. Every time I go to get in shotgun battles on gears 5 the muscle memory in my mind tells me to pull shots off at different angles and gives me a massive disadvantage.

Shots that I would hit perfectly on 1/UE are a mile off because all other gears of war installments use barrel aiming, and please don’t say “git good” or “adapt” to the shooting mechanics because I try so much to change the way I approach shotgun battles, but because centre screen aiming is mapped in my brain I find it really hard to adjust. If I had to put and estimate on it, I’ve probably player gears1 and UE for a combined time of over a year and a half, easy over 400 days.

I get slapped on gears 5, but I was literally untouchable when its centre screen aiming… So I’m asking if the coalition could possibly implement an option in game to choose between centre screen aim and barrel aiming, if its possible to put it in an update, I’d honestly never stop playing gears 5 of they could do that. I just find it hard to enjoy when I know I’m so much better than what I portray on gears 5.

I’m wondering if it affects anyone else like it does me?

Also something else off topic, In my opinion, the shotgun shell is far to tight and concentrated, when you shoot it should be spread out , and this is why I believe the shotgun is way to powerful at medium range and is more like a sniper. Plus the fact you have 6 bullets, shotgun battles just are awful on this game.

The game has already lowered the skill gap enough as it is.
Centre screen + bullet magnetism + aim assist, might as well have an automatic headshot mode. Especially with the longshot.


The shotgun is fked here lol. Like it was in gears 4, but worse.

You just gotta spend more time on the game. I don’t know how much of GoW1/UE you play in the regular, but you’ll adapt once you play one of the barrel shooters more.

“So I’ve played gears all my life since the launch in 06…”

You’re going to be triggering a lot of folks with just that sentence. Be prepared. :slightly_smiling_face:

You just need a bit more practice OP, nothing more.


Gears 5:



Barrel aiming > Center screen

The swap to the barrel from Gears 2 forward is a lot better. Loved the original but barrel aiming is much better. Change my mind.

This seems to be the issue I’m having. I too hadn’t played online versus since GOW 1, I find I’m struggling badly in shotgun battles and can’t understand why as where I’m firing looks perfect.

Can anyone explain what the difference is between the two as I can’t find much online?

Thank you in advance

Thank you for the UNCONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but I still play this game at a high level, onyx/diamond tiers, good k/d, MVP a lot of the games. My point is I played gears1 and EU at the very highest level, the very peak of the skill gap, would just be nice to see if I could play the same as I do and transfer them skills to gow5 without changing anything for the rest of the populace, i.e. have an option in the menus to differentiate between the shooting mechanics or something on them lines.