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An increase in horde trolls?

I’ve previously come across horde trolls every now and then but the past weekend seems to have had a significant increase in them. Has anyone else had the same experience?

The procedure is more or less the same every time. Around mid horde, but sometimes as early as wave 15 or as late as wave 45, a player joins your team through custom.
The player though has no intention to play, instead he just sits by the fabricator, walks around close to the fabricator or just spins around in the same spot.
It is not like the trolls leaves the screen after joining because you can see them looking around or walking around, even on extreme occasions reviving you if you die right next to them. Luckily I have not yet been joined by someone with the purpose to have the whole team killed which seems to also be an issue for some.

What is this phenomena and why the sudden increase?

They want you to do all the work and they just want the rewards if they end up staying doing that, that’s why.

Otherwise if they don’t stay, they are just trolling.

But I have seen players around reup10 doing this on Insane. Firstly I dont get it why players with that high level would even do it, or maybe they have their high level just because they’re doing it.
Secondly if they just wanna sit out their daily “complete 20 waves” why not do it on lower difficulties? Or for that matter play the 20 waves instead of just sitting looking around for 20 waves, it might even get done faster if they just join in on the shooting.

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Kick player option needs to be put in place for this. Who knows what rationale they have for not playing it legit, but it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re trying to find an easy way to complete a tour objective or totem.

Insane would have the added benefit of getting them better XP and cards if they’re into that too. XP is part of the totem challenges.

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Since my experience tells me that the increase is recent it sure could be connected to the newly added totem system. Still dont understand why they just can’t play half a horde then quit? I’d take a quitter before this kind of camper any day of the week.

The question is though how this “kick player option” could be implemented without being misused?

If I remember correct Gears 4 had some kind of solution where you would get kicked after a certain time of inactivity.

Is it actually more than just Leebro?

By the sounds of it, that Leebro guy really needs to get a life. I can’t even fathom getting enjoyment out of the stuff he finds amusing.

He’s the definition of a troll. It’s probably a picture of him that is used in the dictionary definition :rofl:

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Yeah, though that guy seemed to be in it only to destroy the game which is totally incomprehensible.

These other ones I am referring to seems to be in it just for camping by the fabricator which also is kind of hard to grasp. I’ve come across quite a few the last couple of days.

I haven’t noticed a rise in trolls(especially yesterday when the servers were down) but I have noticed a rise in noobs.

Dels who buy sentries at wave 1.
Kaits who buy overkills from the locker instead of picking up an ammo box.
Jacks that float to downed gears and push the button to revive.
JDs that aim grenades on top of moving targets and wonder why it landed behind them.
People putting the fabricator in a bad spot that causes the swarm to spawn all around us.

Ahm…what’s wrong with Jack reviving teammates?? Should be one of his main purposes, next to smelting weapons, stunning Scions…

They are floating to the person and pushing the button to revive. They aren’t using the healing beam to revive people. From a distance, from a point of safety. Instead they get on top of the person and push the button and sometimes get downed on top of them.

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Aaaaaah I get that lol. Okay. That’s def noobish.

Got ya :smiley:

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I’ve watched players join and move all the barriers and sentry’s and open the entire spawn up in level 45…whole team destroyed. I remember shooting at a Scion and then stop as the chap.moved in front of me, removed the level 4barrier and walked off into the sunset with it… Bye mate cheers for stopping by…c*"t

■■■■ like that is why we need a vote to kick option. At least in custom lobbies.