An important question about earning Gears Coins through ranked

After the rank preseason and the ranks have been reset will i still be able to earn GC by ranking up?

Example, if i get Masters in KOTH in the preseason, obviously i get GC when i rank up. But when the preseason has ended and i get reset down to Bronze, will i still earn GC for ranking up in ranked KOTH after the preseason?

Or is it a one time done thing until the next Operation?.

Hitting them with the hard questions today huh ??? lol

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I know i wont get a reply and nobody probably knows the answer but thought i’d pose the question.

How are you finding Checkout and Blood Drive being back? i’m already sick to absolute death of them.

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I always liked Checkout but am tired of it. I just know whenever that map comes up EVERYONE is gonna vote it.

But yea so tired of remake of remakes of remakes. The map list at this point should just be called Remakes of War

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