An idea for the 'death screen'

In Gears 4, as you know, you see the percentage of damage you did to your enemy in how many hits when you die. This is somewhat informative for sure, but still a bit vague. It is useful for call outs when you can inform your team mates about how weak an enemy is, but it does very little to tell you where you actually did wrong.

So, instead of only the damage percentage and number of hits, there could be an indicator that shows which of the pellets you fired really hit and from what distance in Gears 5.

Basically it’d show the pellet pattern of the Gnasher on screen and the pellets you missed would either be marked with an x or would be missing entirely. Additionally, the pellets that did hit could either be in different color depending on the range you fired them or they could be the more transparent the further away they hit your enemy.

This would not only be beneficial to newer players who are struggling with the Gnasher mechanics, but would also be useful to players who are just being rusty.

I’d have use for it too, namely the distance indicator part, because whenever I’m feeling rusty it’s the range I usually screw up( I play mainly Competitive and playing the range correctly is a huge part of Gnasher play there ).

I believe this sort of indicator would great for improving one’s accuracy or warming up after a pause from Gears .


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Anything is better than the broken one they have now. Often times, I’ll have a single shot exchange with an opponent and it’ll say I didn’t do any damage. But, then a teammate kills the opponent right after and I see I got +70 or something. On a guy I didn’t mark or put more than one shot into.
Whatever they’re doing, it’s not working right.


Yeah it definitely needs to be consistent, for sure.
What I was getting at with this thread, though, was making the death screen more precise and informative. To a lot of players the screen, as it is, is just a slap in the face that says" you did 30% less damage than your enemy but we won’t tell you why" :laughing:

Actually really love this idea. Even more than “kill cam.” I thinknit would also be beneficial to see the other players pellets as well. Maybe your own in blue and theirs in red freeze framed in the exact koment that it killed you.

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I have seen that kind of killcam before, but dont remember that game.? That could also give slowmotion with Rolling meterscale following bullets, to really observe how bullet spread goes along the range in running or cover or steady shooting.

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That could be nice. Though I wonder If that’d perhaps over-complicate it(?) The goal ultimately would be to kinda make things less obscure and more straight-forward.

It could possibly but I’ve seen a lot of people wondering about things like that and thought it could be a useful tool for people to understand more of why they died and the other person didnt. Maybe its too complicated.