An idea for quitting/ranking system

So here’s the thing, the majority of these idiots that quit out are doing it to “save rank” as (at least I believe) that if you quit your rank is not effected? I could be wrong cause I stick it out even when its 2v5. So, instead of these long bans where you cant join ranked games, how bout if you quit out you are de-ranked 50% or one full tier. Like if you quit out you go from gold3 to gold2 etc. This incentivises people to not play ranked unless they have time to finish a game and to not quit out once a game has started. I think a lot of the quitting is to “save rank” make quitting “destroy rank” just an idea…

You should lose rank for quitting so I don’t think that’s it. I feel like they’re just rage quitting because they’re losing or because the hit detection is so poor when a high ping warrior is present. I’m against quitting and never do it but I don’t actually blame them if the game is cheating you so a cheater can sponge everything.

I have always welcomed harsh penalties on Quitters and have said it would be good to see an automatic 25-50% reduction in rank due to quitting :+1:

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