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An idea for people tht are done TOUR OF DUTY 2

Ive been done the tour of duty 2
But i wasnt even half way done tour 1.

I think tc should let us back log to tour of duty 1.
The main reason i wasnt done the 1st one is i barely got to play( not because i didnt want to but because I couldn’t, hsd to work ,watch my kid , etc etc)
But i realized. There are actually skins and emotes i really want from the first 1 ( alot tht i want actually) and the second one there was only maybe 2 things i wanted. ( a skin and the pistol emote)

Just a thought.

Rather then lock down\take away a previous tour, i would like to see an option where you can enroll on any tour you like. This would remove any FOMO and limited time. so if you started playing in Feb 2020 you could still do the first TOD that started in September 2019 and gain access to this content.


People playing for a surplus of back dated content is not good for the store…they will never do it mate. Although i do agree with what you said.

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agreed, terrible business model - though creates fun

The gaming industry as a whole needs to get shot of Mtx and digital updates. This is why games are released unfinished the past decade, we had half these issues when games were on discs because they couldn’t get away with it. Gotta love the greedy mobile game cancer thats made it’s way to our consoles.

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