An idea for Ink grenade ;)

Please, Here me out.
Wouldn’t it be cool to have the ink grenade back? But so it actually marks an enemy with ink for some time. So they leave a trail of steps on the floor and maybe smears on the wall from bounces. So they get tagged/inked all over in it?
It may even stun enemies ? That way it could replace stun greanade also…, Most of people seem to ignore stuns these days. They seem to be not worth this much anymore :woman_shrugging:t2:
Cheers :crazy_face:


When you love Gears 5 but you’re also a squid


Ha. Just thinking out loud. Unlike the usual tag, that times out. It could have a distance tag. So that you couldn’t just sit it out an wait, You’d have to actually walk it off which would force you to move more and if it could mark 2 or 3 people at once, it could help you with potential corner campers/ambushers?

I do miss ink. Id prefer it over flash

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Yeah TC just sort of got rid of all Kantus weaponry. The Gorgon burst/smg as well as the ink grenade. I really enjoyed the ink grenade too, thought it was pretty badass that it was organic


Hell yeah! Bring back the ink!

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I think it’s possible we may see the Kantus again in 6. So that could lead to seeing Gorgon SMG and Ink Grenades again. If it ever happened.




TC could easily make a venom grenade and not break their precious canon in pvp (why pvp has to be canon i don’t know). Have it act like the og ink, job done, awesome grenade returned.
I’d prefer if they replaced shock with it tbh.

The marking idea could be cool, it’s an interesting idea anyway.
Outright no to the stun though. Just no to stun grenades in general.

Oh and more love for the OG gorgon is needed. Ryan seemed to favour the gorgon returning, but as he’s gone I can’t see it coming back. It would leave the talon in the dust.

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Hell while we’re at it, bring back the boom shield and scorcher as well. After all variety is the spice of life

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Scorcher is in the game isn’t it? I remember seeing that somewhere. It’s just not available in regular play.

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The Scorcher is not in the game at all. There is just an old icon that carried over from old code that shows if you’re killed by one of the freezing Snipers or Mulchers in Escape. The closest thing to it is the Cryo Cannon.

I am convinced that you are @ll_R_E_D_l’s alt account

Yeah well, I’m not. Ask him yourself. Nobody here except one person(and it’s not Red) knows the real GT behind this account anyway, and they’re not going to tell.

Yeah and take it a step further. Ink an annoying cocky wall bouncer and it would prevent their silly razzle dazzle bouncing for a period of time. I love it. :+1:

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