An Explanation to my Feelings about Gears 5 Horde post Op 4

I do not like Escape, it makes little sense to me, and yes, probably only to me, i have never liked PvP, even if i do at times have a bash at it once in a while.
As for Horde, well, this is my passion for Gears, right since back to Gears of War 3 ( i have played Gears of War 2 Horde too).

My comments some time back alienated a couple of people, of which i might add i have blocked, i personally did not like their comments, and believed they went too far. But i say this, my passion for Horde justified blocking, besides, what is the point in flogging a dead horse. It is dead.
Engineering has always been my go to Class since Gears of War 4 Horde dropped, and yes, i had some problems with the whole open Fabricator thing back then, i found i left more games than i actually played, i never play with another Engineer, i never play with people who deliberately ignore my messages in game to leave me to my chosen Role, and i most certainly do not suffer fools gladly, i am gone, off to pastures greener. So, you can imagine how pissed off i could get with the game and its mechanics, as much as i loved Gears of War 4 Horde, i spent more time on a break, than i was actually playing.
When Gears 5 came out, i eagerly jumped on Horde to start creating my Class, only to find it had already been made for me. Ok, i thought, not bad, yet i hate Del. Kat was never an Engineer anyway, so until Baird was released, i was stuck to Del (whining Del, ugh). My initial reaction was, “what the hell is this crap”, i found the Skill Cards lacking, very lacking, after the Skill Cards in Gears of War 4 Horde, this was a terrible step backwards, off a cliff (slight exaggeration). But, i dealt with it, sort of like a Disability. Gears 5 Horde, i loved it, creative freedom, hardly anyone messing with my building, except the numb nuts who like to moves things around (bloody idiots), total creative thinking, it was all i had wished for, well almost, i very much would have preferred the Class was Class Exclusive.

Then OP 4 was released. Creative thinking out the bloody window, and in comes the noobs, time wasters and Energy wasters, thank you The Coalition, pure heroic move. We all knew it was going to happen, and first game i came to, out comes the MG Sentry, positioned in a way it is going to get killed almost instantly, so it is replaced again, and again, and sadly again.

I take my Engineer seriously, i am Autistic, and i have a terrible attitude towards anything i do, i am either all in, or not there at all. So whatever i build, it is formulated in my head and implemented, but with the Fabricator being opened to all, it messes with my thinking, my ideas and strategy in game. A sense of perfection, a slight dash of OCD does not help in this situation either. I felt The Coalition had invaded my space, and the Community being the toxic Community it is already, just got worse, and the problem with toxicity is that it spreads. Of course, there are some good ones out there, it just seems to me, opening up the Fabricator helped bring out more toxicity in the people, personally i will not put up with it, like in Gears of War 4 Horde, anything bad, anything that interferes with my creativity, i am gone. Same with Gears 5 Horde, two weeks in to Op 4 i left Gears 5, and been waiting to see if The Coalition change their minds, trying or succeeding in getting the Class system right, but it seems they are not. It has dawned on me that The Coalition is so bad at trying to build a Class system, they have abandoned it, and in its stead have gone back to Gears of War 4 Horde, and let the people create their own Classes.
I do not like this idea at all, i never lied the Fabricator being wide open, i personally would prefer the game to be without a Fabricator at all than keep going through all these changes The Coalition keep going through, all down to a lack of knowledge, or sheer bone idleness.

I take my Engineering serious, and i am good at it. I am not a selfish builder, i build my Fortifications for defensive purposes only, not offensive. I build in such a way people consider it a waste of Energy, i build slow and thoughtfully, right to the point i often get messages post game congratulating me, yes it has happened many a time.
I always start with a line of level 2 Barriers, then a Weapons Locker for each person in the team, then a second line of level 2 Barriers, then more Weapons Lockers for the Heavy Weapons. After that, depending upon the teams ability to work as a team, or skill level, Shock Sentries protected by MG Sentries. Or level 4 Barriers, but this is only as a last resort.
I build my Sentries in such a way they cover my teammates and they are near structures i can bunker up to for easy repairing. Cross fires are a must, they help out when a team mate goes down, as it keeps the enemies heads down until i or another picks up downed team mate. And it works wonderfully… Until now, post Op 4. Because. Everyone builds now, no one dumps Energy, the game has turned in to a free for all. Team Based game means very little anymore, and it is a wonder anyone still plays this game anymore, i mean, all the changes, it is mind numbing at times. Gears 5 release to gears 5 now, it has changed a lot, and not really for the better either.

This post was designed to explain my feelings about the game i love so much, i am not sure if i actually succeeded, or i went through my usual ranting thing, suffice to say, change is good most of the time, sometimes it is not. The game i knew is no more, in conclusion, the whiners and whinge bags have turned Gears 5 Horde in to Gears of War 4 Horde. This i can not understand, if you want to play Gears of War 4 Horde, play it. gears 5 Horde did not have to change to suit your needs. Same with the argument about people not wanting an Engineer in their team, you should not want or need the Fabricator wide open to negate a Class. Solutions to this problem, is like the cure being worse than the plague it was designed for. And this is exactly what The Coalition have done.
All i can say is, i hope The Coalition can get Gears 6 right, otherwise, they will be out of a job. Personally, if i were working for Microsoft, i more than likely would have sacked them already, and got a new team in. Not a happy bunny :confused:


Aspie fam :fist:

Your lucky lol, I get no respect :cry:

Anyways I get your point, Gears 5 has only gone downhill for Engineer players so not too surprising. The simplest/easiest way of them fixing/improving this is to just give hosts more options in custom lobbies, so now you can block other folks from building and such.

Man, I feel your frustration. I’m not a horde player but reading your post I want to play horde, with you being an engie.
All I can say, I hope Op5 will bring good changes. :v:

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On a separate note - TC caters to the masses. And usually don’t listen to the voices of reason. Enough people whined about not being able to buy fortifications, hence the change.

Tis truly the internet age of censorship.

How was being an engineer for you back then?


Engineering was not mentioned til after i mentioned this line you quoted. Anyone that has played Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 will know there is no Engineer.
Unless of course this is some sort of joke, rather than sarcasm. Hard to tell without some sort of motive attached.

Its indeed sarcasm, I’m not bashing either, trying to help, I’ve told you loads of times to just setup up a private lobby for your kind of engineering, you can’t trust other people enough in public lobbies and I’m completely against taking away free reign of the fabricator to everyone who isn’t an engineer, Its enough to say you’re losing freedom of play if they change the fabricator this way :man_shrugging:


I’d like to see options for restricting fabricator building for people hosting lobbies, as well as options for forcing canonical characters/classes and disabling duplicates. Unfortunately I don’t think TC is going to bother with this, so private lobby and kicking people it is.

There is supposed to be some sort of freedom in creation with the new Class system, if this is true, then the way i see it, the Fabricator should be based around the Class created. For example, a full on Engineer gets full access, a full on Tank, gets no access.
And when i mean access, i mean for Fortifications, not Weapons and Grenades. Although i still feel certain Classes should have access to certain Weapons. Grenades i do not care about, i barely use them myself. But, i would be nice to see the Stim Grenade, only usable by full Medics though.

The way i see it, restriction s can make a Class, fully wide open where you can do what and when you want sort of spoils the Class. My personal opinion, of course.

As for Custom Games, Tailoring the game for fully suits ones needs, i got to admit, i would be happier if they sorted out the Custom Games list, you still have to get in the game to see how long it has been on, who is on and where they are at. It is a time sync just seeing this, and when you return to the Lobby, because you are not happy with said game, you are right back to the beginning again. I do not like that.
It would be a huge advantage to Tailor ones game, but The Coalition, as we all know by now, seem to choose the wrong path, and pay for it with insults and angry fans. I still wonder if they actually know what they are doing, and most importantly, where are they getting their information to implement in to the game. Baffles me to no end.