An Essential Horde Mechanic That Needs To Be Added

There needs to be some form of invulnerability when you get picked up by your teammates after being DBNO (down but not out). It ‘s so frustrating when you get picked up and get downed immediately after, especially on higher difficulties. Perhaps a 2 second invulnerability? Just enough time for you to get away from the enemy and the person who is picking up the downed team mate needs some form of invulnerability, perhaps 1 second as they’re already up? I don’t know, just a thought.



For Horde? Sure, why not.

Versus? Not a chance.

Just for Horde.

Playing as Jack I was spamming the healing button to keep everyone up since they kept falling almost instantly.

With so many weird and incredibly specific cards there should be one to give you an extra second after being revived. Maybe we’ll see lv6 cards?

I’ve not actually used Jack yet, I’ve been levelling up Emile and Marcus. What’s he like? He looks pretty handy.

To be honest Lvl 6 cards are a definite certainty, but I don’t know how much higher than that they’d go. You’re right about the cards being so specific. Hopefully they do they can come up with something, it’d be neat.

They said Jack is for newer players but I find he’s much more useless when my newbie buddy plays him rather than when I do. So it’s relative to skill level. If course.

Jack is unique, easy to move across the map picking power, skills are mostly support, you easily revive teammates, stun enemies for easy kills, repair fortifications and with a forge you can burn weapons for potentially and absurd amount of power.

An entirely new experience.

2 seconds of invulnerability or until you pull your trigger, whichever comes first.