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All day no XP! One of the reasons I bought the Ultimate Version was to start playing early and get my rank up but I’ve been playing all day and I’m still in the same place as I was yesterday. I keep getting either reset because some tool decides they want to leave the match right before it begins, but seriously, how many people are going to sit in the lobby for several minutes while it’s loading the map and suddenly decide just seconds before it’s about to begin to back out?
I’m more readily able to believe the server is just bent out of shape and if not…there should be a lot of banned or suspended players out there. I went through the site before I logged in here and that is what they’re supposed to be doing to those people.
Am I ever going to get my XP? It says all play has been logged and will update…we’ll see I guess. I’m not happy at all with this and I think WE SHOULD ALL GET OUR BOOST DATE RENEWED.

Same exact thing just happened too me did 50 waves and didn’t receive any xp for it, it’s total ■■■■■■■■ and I think we need too be compensated for it…

I completely agree. I wasn’t able to play at all for two of the days so far because it wouldn’t start a match. I didn’t pay extra to be able to play as the Terminator or Sarah Conner, I payed extra to get the EARLY PLAY and to build my rank.
50 Waves of Horde and nothing!!! I would’ve lost my S*#t!

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