An error has occurred. Please try again later. Failed to sign into an Xbox live profile

This error has persisted for the last couple of days. I am completely unable to play due to sign in error. Gears 4 and Gears UE for windows 10 works as it should so this is a Gears 5 specific issue. Any feedback or advice welcome.
This is for the steam version of Gears 5.
Game is stuck on start screen and the option to change profile does not respond at all.

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This happened to me but only cos xbox live was down and mine was for any 360 game but then after they fixed it it works

I’m on pc and am only having issues with Gears 5. Had no problem logging in to Gears 4 and could play versus and horde with no issues. Also no issues logging into my xbox account either.

On xbox its working fine now must be pc only issue

Yeah I’ll just give it some time. Clearly there have been some problems in the past few days and maybe they haven’t had time to address the issues on pc yet.

WiFi or Ethernet? Either way, try completely turning off your internet connection, wait 5 minutes, and turn it back on. Something about resetting your connection to the servers. It worked for me on console.

Wifi. Turning off the connection makes no difference.

Got the same problem, Even MS Solitaire can sign-in to my Xbox Live profile