An Awesome Reveal That Could've Made an Awesome Baddy

So, recently reliving Gears 4 as I’m having my friend play it to introduce her to the series. Remember the Cathedral in Act II? With the Imago reveal? For me it was the most memorable moment, the music paralleled with the awesome image.

But…they remade a lot of Locust classsics into the Swarm. Drones, Wretches, Boomers, and they all fit. But–I think the look of the Imago reminds me of the Berserker.

Just saying, imagine if they mixed the Imago with the Lambent Zerker? In that Cathedral scene, watching a giant monster come up out of the nest, just to jump into the air and towards you, screaming loud as hell and that music behind it.

Just a quick thought. Think it would make for an interesting enemy, and one of the most badass Locust reveals in Gears–like, that’d be better than the slow eerie reveal in 1. Maybe not as suspenseful, but definitely scary.

Also, my friend pointed out that Pouncers look like Fleas…I’ve always heard people compare them to pigs because of the squealing…but that’s a good point, considering they’re Bug (Locust, a bug) monsters, and they pounce like fleas.

Anyways, short thought.

Buster Out! (Yes, I’ve been doing this for years, Duff, :wink:)