An Alternative Way to Customize?

I love me some character skins and seeing a heroic venom skin for Jack got me thinking it would be neat if other characters received heroic venom skins. Originally I thought maybe just make them for the original 3 hivebusters but then you may have people begging for their favorite character to get one too. Of course it would probably get rather saturated if brought to the store like chrome steel and I don’t know what goes into making a skin really… But I digress.

The reason I’m making this post is to propose a different way of running customization… or something (I dunno it’s 2 AM and I may be a little incoherent).
The idea would be to have your basic armored character variant and allow for palette swaps for armor skins similar to how GoWJ did it. Not exactly the same of course because the character roster there was rather lacking, so here’s the part two: release the alternate costumes like Mechanic Baird, Thrashball Cole, Biker Marcus, etc. as separate characters with their own palette swaps. (This is with the assumption that they aren’t all locked behind a paywall and could be unlocked like in GoW3, unrealistic as it may be).

Character skins and classes are my two biggest passions in this game so I get a little overzealous when thinking about them. This suggestion may make things even more complicated than they already are but it just made sense to me and I wanted to know what others thought.

There is a “Heroic Marcus” that was leaked and - to my knowlegde - confirmed to be a Reup reward. So there’s high chances at least some other characters get those skins too.

They don’t seem to have venom patches though, which definitely looks better for the character skins.

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Personally I’m still waiting for my Hot Summer Dayz Anya skin, Mankini Baird skin, Professer Hoffman Jack skin, and Heavy Metal Kilt Marcus skin. But we can all dream right. Have to admit though it was funny running around judgement maps as bright pink macho bulked up gears. But I prefer to forget about Gears of Duty as best I can.

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I’m pretty sure Heroic Marcus is unlocked for maxing out all classes.

Nope, they’re the upcoming Re-up-rewards. Iirc they’re getting revealed on Tuesdays devstream with more info.

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No, good sir. Check this post.


I admittedly really like the venom patches.

Anyway I guess I was just feeling a bit nostalgic thinking of GoWJ, for all its faults it did a few things right by me. The armor skins were awesome and I’d definitely welcome characters with animated armor skins back.
That’s just me though.

Ah, I see.

I stand corrected, boys :joy:. @HerrKatzchen @AmicableWall421


He’s probably the reward for final Re Up given how difficult TC wants it to be to earn the Heroic skins

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Too true

“Earn venom Marcus in no time! Just reach re-up 50! See you on the battlefield Gears!”

I couldn’t really care less about Marcus, his skin looks… less than great given what we’ve seen so far.

I would mostly care about one for Lizzie, but then, I would be kidding myself because all the ones she has received thus far are downright terrible. Maybe one for Kait but her voice lines are distinctly average or sometimes annoying to me so I tend to mostly stick to Lizzie at this moment, in terms of character choice.

But mainly, I care to know what the grind will be like for the new Reups given the flak TC have received for the ridiculous absurdity that is Reup 50, rewards wouldn’t mean much if they’re still locked behind that same nonsense of an XP grind.