An Alternative to this God Awful Ranking System - Might fix 5 man issue (BPR)

At this point, it is widely known that Gears has possibly the worst rank progression formula I’ve ever seen. With that being said, because of this, people have developed a sort of, superiority complex, when playing with lower ranks.

I remember when I could play Gears 3, pick up play for hours on end by myself or with a friend, But now that has changed, in order for me to have a somewhat enjoyable experience, I shouldn’t need to speed 20-30min trying to create a 5 man with some person I have absolutely no chemistry or have to waste more time trying to find a “5th” because some salty teammate of ours is mad because we lost, and he “Cares so much about his rank” boohoo.

Gears has always had a “rowdy” community, it’s a somewhat high skill game (Depending on who you ask) And there are no other games like it, period. But the implications of the ranking system has made the community more toxic then what it needs to be.

I was thinking, maybe Gears 5 should have a -* Battle Proficiency Rating * instead of ranking.
The rating would be out of 100, and it would be compile of your stats to give you a true skill rating. This rating can go up or down, based on your performance,

However, what separates it from the current ranking system, is that it would be more lenient if you happen to lose a game. Say for example. you go 15-6 in a losing effort, your BPR would still be high,

Your BPR would move up faster playing equal ranks or higher, but it will also move up playing with lower ranks just based off stats alone given for that match.

I believe this would fair better for solo players and may even increase the solo player population as people won’t feel so forced to create squad, to “hold their rank”.

Now the showing of your BPR could be overall or different for each game mode for example:

Overall BPR: 90
KOTH: 84
Guardian: 89
Dodgeball: 82

Different rewards will be giving out depending on your skill range,

BPR Range:

This would show people’s true skill in my opinion. I know this rating system must be more complex in order for it to work and it has some holes in it, but I what to come up with something different other than these ostentatious badges and emblems, that his turn this game into a rage fest of broken controllers and aggressive chat messages.

Very hard to find genuine friends on this game now, everyone is using each other to gain rank, You see the post, " Diamonds Only" “Onyx 3 and Above” ,but then people get butthurt when the squad they formed doesn’t work out, they give some lame excuse to why they have to go and off again spending another 15-20min to form a complete 5 man. That doesn’t sound like fun to me tbh.

Cliff notes (TLDR): I think having a BPR system would encourage more solo play so people don’t feel compelled to form 5 man squads,

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Agreed with everything here.

But as for your “BPR” system, you’re describing almost exactly the system in place. Right now, there is your visible rank (called CSR or TSR), which is Bronze-Diamond. That is NOT the BPR.

But, there is also a “behind-the-scenes” rank called MMR (matchmaking rank) or SR (skill rating). That MMR or SR is identical to your BPR. So basically what you’re suggesting is that they just show us our MMR/SR and ditch the CSR/TSR.

I’m not sure why there are two numbers to represent our skill, so I can’t say whether or not it’s a good idea to remove one of them. However, I will say that I think they should display both numbers to us.

Here is a Twitter thread related to this, and a Halo dev saying that he likes the idea of showing MMR:

Just for proof that Gears uses the same system as Halo, here is Nodezero confirming it:

Also, I don’t think this would solve the 5-man stacking issue. Players perform much worse individually against a full stack because they can’t move due to lancer, get 2 or 3v1d all the time, etc. Their BPR would still be much lower against full stacks as a solo than it otherwise would be.

The only way to fix 5-stack issues is to pair big teams against big teams, smaller teams against smaller teams, and solos against solos or small teams.

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Just a side note here

I am firmly of the view that a skill rating is needed, but also a stand deviation type score as well. Whether it be a video game player, or sportsperson, they don’t play the same every match. Some Sportspeople I follow are super consistent, and almost always have a material impact on the game. Others can be absolute superstars one match and win the game for their team outright, and in other games almost appear to be paid off to sabotage.

In terms of video games specifically players often take a game or two to “warm up” and having an adjustable rating system to reflect this as accurately as possible would be my theoretical ideal.

(I was thinking of two specific cricketers for the above, if anyone can guess them they will have my love and respect)

I agree with solos vs solos stacks vs stack