Ammo skill card

Hi ,

This is a humble request for Gears 5 game:

Could it be possible to add a AMMO SKILL CARD for Horde on Gears 5 , I mean the monsters are like water sponges and I almost have to use an entire clip of lancer in order to kill a SIRE, I mean we really need something to work on. Its a shame that Sub-zero in Mortal kombat 11 has more ammo capacity for his ice balls than my friend Marcus in which he has to scavenge like a whipped dog in order to survive horde.

If the point was to make it a survival game you should it call Gears of Evil , and then I wouldn’t have to provide this request to The Coalition. Its a cover-based shooter its supposed to behave like that, just as in Gears 3 or 4 on that matter.

I would appreciate that skill card so we can have more ammo for lancer and overall weapons, I truly believe that Marcus or Jd would appreciate it , and they would stop running around ffrom the monsters and instead attacking as it should, as a MAN’S GAME should.


Sounds like you’re playing horde incorrectly. All you need is a locker which comes from Del and teamwork.

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It’s a good suggestion for sure but he can play however he wants. There should be an ammo skill card just like 4 had.


I do agree that the locker would replenish the ammo on the weapons, but I dont want to stop using my weapon and lock it in there , I would like instead to have plenty of ammo around to kill the monsters, in which as far as I see thats the point of horde, if I would have to think in using lockers or to use other weapons so I could wait for the system to replenish the guns full of ammo its just doesn’t work for me.

I need the horde to behave as it should just like in Gears 4 or 3, in which ammo its not a problem , KILLING THE MONSTERS IS.


That’s all well and good, if you get a del who’ll make you one.

90% of the dells I met in horde just want to build a million sentries. I even had a game as fahz and the del was actually moving the lockers I created out into the open to destroy them all.

They’ll also ignore any polite requests from you to build one, whether it’s via voice or text chat

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completely agree Tony Hayabusa, = ) you get my point. Thanks = )

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All you gotta do is have a level 2 locker with 1 open spot. Put your depleted lancer in the open spot, then grab your other lancer that has fully replenished from the other spot. This way you never have to stop using your weapon.

I really hope TC could help on this, the game could be revived if enough ammo its on Horde,

I had trouble with ammo in the first couple of days, then i realized weapon lockers fix everything.

If you’re with an inexperienced Del you might as well just leave, you’re not making it thru 50. Experienced Dels will know the drill

I do think an additional 2 ammo boxes need to be placed around the map, I am always nearly out of ammo as a Kait main and having to fight for resources with the rest of the team. Usually giving ammo to a JD is a must for his GL grenades. I don’t think weapon lockers should be the solution while great they aren’t meant for swapping main weapons like Lancers and such but for tri shots and heavy weapons for big enemies. There really needs to be an easier solution for ammo. The ammo regen for some characters is also a joke.


I agree with your suggestion however, Its locked onto the situation that you need to have a DEL in order to create you one, if in horde the players that has Del goes offline then im in a tought spot and shouldnt be like that, I should be able to have enough ammo as it is without anyone and take on Horde by myself just like in gears 4 or 3 .

I dont like that I need to have someone playing as DEL in order to help me, once again, the point of horde its to kill monsters not to count in someone to help me with ammo scarcity .

an ammo skill card must be in order , in order to partially fix the horde mode.

Also Daniel, you may be already but make sure you’re only joining horde games thru custom horde. It’s a game changer.

Obviously, but you said he was “playing horde incorrectly”.

It’s out of his control how competent the del is on his team. That’s what my reply was aimed at, not if you should stay in a game with a bad del or not.

I think that by being in here during working hours its more than enough for me to think that everyone knows how to play the game = ) .

It’s just that I would like the game to be improved so everyone could have a good time thatS all = )

Thanks Huge.

Well obviously there’s no “incorrect” way to play horde. I didn’t mean it literally. Just stating if you want to succeed, you gotta have lockers for each person. I fully agree that there should be a few more ammo boxes each round. But right now, lockers are the meta


Agree JOMBI, its a elegant solution for the matter.

I remember that in Gears 3 if went out of ammo the system gives you back 300 rounds and if you pick a box of ammo it gave you 300 rounds more , that’s 600.

In gears 5 it only gives you 90 bullets or so, that wont make it for a full horde round.

No, there are in fact “incorrect” ways to play Horde, otherwise, higher difficulties would be a breeze for everyone.

Thank you for realising my name is “huge newb”, not “hug”. I can’t believe how many people don’t know that the “3” represents an “e”.

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I mean… they can play it however they want. They just won’t last long lol

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